[10] Sartharion + Vesperon and Tenebron

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[10] Sartharion + Vesperon and Tenebron

Postby kensanity » Mon Dec 29, 2008 8:36 pm

Post remade to follow format

Alrighty, so one of the better guilds on Frostwolf [US] has asked me to Add tank for an attempt on Sartharion [10] with 2 drakes.

I've done it with one drake before, but I'm nervous about how I will perform with this encounter.
I assume they have a feral druid tanking sartharion and are bringing 2 healers +1 like, hybird healing/dps class.

As i'm sure different strategies are viable for this fight, i just want to make sure that the following information i present below is in fact accurate so that I do not look like an idiot when I attempt this tonight.

-Feral druid tanks sartharion where he stands initially, but turns him east.
-Tenebron comes in at the northern part of platform at 15 secs
- I grab aggro, and bring him towards the middle of the "platform" - between the gap in lava walls that would spawn from the east.
- DPS ignore portal and burn down Tenebron with Heroism
- Myself and a plate class pick up all the whelps that spawn, I aoe taunt, if I accidentally get sarth, MT retaunts back?
- 45 secs from start of encounter, Vesperon drops in
- I grab Vesperon
- DPS ignore portal
- Kill vesperon
- Enter portal and kill disciple
- call out on vent if flame wall passed, exit (deal killing blow or whatever)
- Pick up flames, kill Sartharion
- Loot chest piece.

Ok, If any information there is wrong, I would like to know, I also spec divine guardian (or that spell that makes raid take 30% less damage when u bubble). Is there a certain point in the fight that I should be using that?

Also, is my OT positioning for this fight (mid west of platform) an optimal spot? I realize that if lava waves spawn from the west, I'm going to have a hard time moving the drake (if this happens do i go north or south?)

If its much easier to just tank the drakes extremely north or extremely south, I'd love that information.

Once again, keepin up Vesperon and Tenebron. Thanks in advance. Oh here is my armory as well, just to see if i'm not drastically undergeared or somethign for the attempt.

http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... Obamantwan
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Postby kensanity » Tue Dec 30, 2008 4:14 pm

I'm not one for double posting but since this information is relevant and updated, lemme just share a little on my 2 drake attempt.

After 2 hours, we didn't kill it.

I dont know if DPS was too slow, if tanking was bad, or if it just is really too difficult of an encounter, but the transition from Tenebron to Vesperon was very difficult.

In terms of positioning, we did various strategies in order to tank sartharion and the drakes, but I would make the following suggestion for all future attempts.

Tank Sartharion at the entrance to the platform (which in cardinal directions, is actually EAST, and not South. Waves move from south to north, and north to south.)

Pick up Tenebron and tank him where he lands, which is WEST on the platform.

To avoid lava walls coming from south to north, tank Tenebron where he stands
To avoid lava walls coming North to South, jump west into the lava, and then back onto the platform.

I think this tactic lets melee/ranged keep the most time on Tenebron without having to lose valuable dps moving too much to avoid lava walls.
I can't see how burning tenebron down before the second group of whelps come out can be done without heroism.

Tank vesperon right where he lands, fairly easy to avoid lava walls... at this point in the fight, i as a prot pally had already burned both trinkets and bubble wall, but i feel like if we cleaned up a few more attempts maybe this portion is just smooth sailing.

AFter two hours of wipes, we just went with killing tenebron and then fighting sartharion with only vesperon up, which was, 100x easier obviously. For the one drake attempt we went into the portal to kill the add but, it seems much fasster i'm sure if DPS just avoided portal and burned down drake.

All in all, this encounter is extremely difficult forthe group i attempted it with
-Resto druid
- Holy pally
- holy priest
- Fury warrior
- Hunter
-Enhancement shaman
- prot pally (drake + add tank)
- feral druid (sarth tank)
- Frost spec DK
- Warlock

anyway, hope this information helps at all. And if anyone knows how this can be improved, let me know.
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Postby kram » Tue Dec 30, 2008 6:40 pm

I find it easiest to tank Tenebron right on top of the portal facing him towards the instance portal. Once Tenebron is down you can move Vesperon pretty much where ever you want to make it easier to pick up adds.
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Postby Splug » Wed Dec 31, 2008 10:48 am

If you tank Tenebron near where he lands, the portal he spawns is going to be fairly far away, and it will be difficult to pick up the whelps. We found it was easier to just drag him through Sartharian over to the area where his portal is going to spawn - the time you spend moving him there would have been spent when you have to run and grab the whelps anyway.

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Postby Nick7 » Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:20 am

We just did it 2 days ago, with also a bit odd setup (some people missing online, so went with what we got):
1x DK tank (frost)
1x pally tank (me)
2x resto shamans
1x holy pala
1x ele shammy
1x warlock
1x shadow priest

DK was tanking Sartharion, while I was on drake/add duty.
In portals DPS DK's tanked disciple's and ele shammy offhealed.
Greatest issue we had was actually darn lag on our server - EU-Sylvanas.

However, when things got better we had a little issue with whelps zerging some healers down. What helped a lot was Hand of Protection on 2x shamans, so whelps immediately stuck on me.
Also, when DPS tuned in properly we had only one pack of whelps, which again made fight quite easier.

As tanking drakes and whelps can be a bit tricky (turning drake can be dangerous as he could breathe over other), it was sometimes a bit messy to pull adds - but AS and taunt help there. As for add or two who would stuck on DK tank on Sartharion, deathgrip helped with that too.

I mostly tanked Tenebron on north side of island, near middle of it, while Sartharion was pulled to east side of island (where raid starts off).

Next week we'll try 3 drakes, but seeing how fight is with two.. we'll def need better setup, and expect quite a few wipes until we find strategy that works best for us... can't wait! :)
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Postby warden » Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:01 pm

So this reply is half looking for advice, half venting.. please bear with. We went for Sarth +1 (tenebron) last night, and I know this is supposed to be easy. Our setup:
Prot warrior (sarth)
Prot Pally (me, on Tene/whelps/adds)
2x Rogue (muti)
1x Frost dk (dps)
2x Holy Pally
1x Ele Shammy
1x Boomkin
1x Mage (frostfire)

Holy pallies crossed beacons on myself and the warrior, and tanked sarth where he stood, facing north. Pulled Tene over where his portal spawns, facing again, north. DPS/Heals stacked up behind him, and if they got an add, would step forward into the edge of the consecrate to lose it. Rogues were pulling a consistant 2.5-2.8k dps, and the frost DK was over 3k on all attempts, however we kept wiping. I know the boomkin and mage were underperforming a bit, and the mage consistantly ate firewalls. Our problem was, even blowing heroism as soon as Ten was in position, we usually only had him to 60% or so when the first set of whelps spawned, and by the time I had two sets of fire elementals, one set of whelps, and Tene on me, I was blowing CDs to stay alive. Both our holy pallies are very strong players, and the Sarth tank was tanking minimal damage. I know the ele shammy's dps was better than recount indicated, but he got distracted trying to throw heals when things started going downhill.

So, it boils down to this: Was Tene the wrong one to try for +1? What are we missing? Is it more aoe? We were trying to burst Tene down in 1 whelp spawn... should we stack more AOE next time and ride it out with two? Its very frusterating, as, aside from the boomkin and mage, all of the players are very talented, decently geared, and overall quite good, yet by 40% on Tene or so, things seemed to have degenerated into chaos and we would wipe... Everyone went in with high expectations, and as RL, it was difficult for me to see us not succeed. Thanks for any input.
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Postby Nick7 » Thu Jan 08, 2009 6:27 am

Must say it's a bit odd.
Generally, when we first tried with 1 add, greatest 'problem' was people not paying enough attention to red pillars.
As far as whelps go. Even if you get 2nd group of whelps, shouldn't be a problem. Your DPS still should focus only on Tenebron.
Your consec/HotR/SS are almost enough to kill adds anyway.

Keep attention though that adds don't roam around. Use AS/taunt to pick them up.

If elementals enrage, have your rogues switch to weapon with anesthetic poison + do fan of knives.

All in all, with your setup you shouldn't have much problems.. seems you need is just some rest and people concentrate a bit more, and ofc.. don't slack on DPS ;)

Also, if healers pull aggro of adds, they should bubble up. Still, as it's not 3.0.8, you will pick them up easily with JoL.
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