Heroic Achievments: Help and Questions

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Heroic Achievments: Help and Questions

Postby Zorminster » Sun Dec 14, 2008 10:56 am

I've got a really solid heroic group i run with each day; heres the group:
Healer: Priest normally COH, but switched to a disc spec last night to try and get ready for the COH nerf. Somethin like 1900 bonus healing
Tank: Me, pally buff to around 30k healthe and w/ the disc armor buff like 32k armor, moderate avoidance
DPS1: 2.6k dps rogue
DPS2: 2.3K dps DK
DPS3: floater, we've been using a 1.5k ret pally

I've given my experience with some of the harder achievements and would love to hear how you guys are completing them. Feel free to add info on other achievments or ask questions about others; i think ive got most of the other ones except the occulus stuff.

"Watch Him Die"
Oh WTF. We attempted two different strategies and neither seem sustainable for us.
strat 1: Pull it all, have army of ghouls already summoned. When its down to two, pop hymn of hope. as that nears the end pop shield wall, pain supression and dodge trinket. Focus the boss the whole time. Result: nearly instant death, boss @ 75% healther.

strat 2: Pull each miniboss group, kill the two adds, then go at big boss. Result: much easier, tanking two bosses is fine. Tanking the third mini gets rough, adding the boss makes it nigh impossible. Also the blind and web wrap make it inconceivable to successfully tank it all IMO.

Things we learned: you CANNOT CC the minibosses w/ turn undead or shackle. Ret pallies chaining holy wrath is GOOD. Hammer of justice must also be chained on the miniboss w/ the blind and web wrap.

"Hadronox Denied"
took like 3 wipes but we figured this one out. Its simple and requires nothing but timing and focus.
The way to do it: Youve gotta power through the adds really quick. Yank first group up the ramp so you dont get both the second groups [although we did once and tanked through it ;p ]. for the second group, if you have a deathknight let him death grip the large guy- it will pull all 3 mobs with it. taunt and tank at the top. Move down and pickup the third group. Wait for hadronox to get to the top of the ramp. Heres the key to making this work:

The pull MUST be single target on hadronox. YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO AGGRO ANY OF THE SPIDERS. The pull MUST occur ONLY when hadronox has the disese on him that causes him to take a shit ton more damage. The pull SHOULD occur right after a fresh wave of adds get on him and he has poisoned them.

What your doing is actually letting the adds kill him. If you cannot pull while theyre all poisoned, you CANNOT HEAL until a poison is dropped or your healer is going to aggro all the adds. Hadronox dies in about 15 seconds after you pull him w/ a moderate number of adds. The way i pulled was as follows:

He gets to the top, Healer pain supresses, I holy shield, judge, shield of righteousness, shield wall and dodge trinket. I actually died with him having about 6K health left but the adds finish it fast. The adds didnt despawn for us so we wiped after the achievemant triggered.
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Postby Treck » Sun Dec 14, 2008 2:10 pm

"Watch Him Die"
Cant say i found it easy, but first we had a Priest, just intentionally dying to be able to heal as a ghost = no interrupts etc.
AoE tanking them all works, using BR and BV gear having good dps to just go all out on the boss only. Took a bit of luck tho, since you will prolly not survive if you get wrapped or feared or whatever the adds do, just go all out and hope for the best. Tried a shaman after that, a bit harder but worked after some work.

"Hadronox Denied"
If you want this done badly, we figured out a way when i was to cheap to pay repairbills just cuz my friends wanted the achievement i allready had. You pull the adds, with hunter/rogue/Nelf, anyone who can get out of combat really. The point is to reset them, since its an event they all despawn (even the boss) and spawn 30sec or so later, during this time the party can run all the way down to where the boss spawns, nuke her down fast enough so the adds wont have time to get close to her thus healing her.
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Postby Cakes » Sun Dec 14, 2008 3:21 pm

For "Watch Him Die," you have a great group to do it the way I did it my first time. We shackled one of the skirmishers and pally feared the other, while I ran in and got agro on everything else but the boss. We then had a boomkin "tank" the boss (in your case, have your DK do it) while I kited all the mobs to the top of the ramp. When I got to the entrance and all the mobs were about to start wailing on me, I bubbled and let them start walking down the ramp, then clicked off bubble to force them to start walking back up. By that time, you better hope that your group has killed the boss, because they don't have much more time before you're dead and the mobs are all headed for them.
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