[25] 4H question - zerging Thane?

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Postby Zoltar » Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:07 pm

Morganim wrote:Except it was never a problem unless you brought 2 prot paladins to the 10 man version, and a moot point if you used the zerg thane method

While learning this encounter last night I was swapping with a warrior. On one swap he taunted a split second before me, which meant RD hit both melee and they came prancing up to me while the warrior's taunt was on CD. I can't wait for a single target taunt.
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Postby Sagedin » Tue Dec 09, 2008 10:01 pm

leira_ wrote:in naxx-25 we just made a feral druid tank all the 4 :|
in naxx-10 i managed to tank both + KT

seems most people fears how much damage they _used_ to push, they don't do much damage actually (on a normal fight at least)

Found out the Guardians don't hit for much on normal too. Happened when our prot warrior died to the shadow fissure for the third time (died twice the attempt before, got battle rezzed and didn't move out again). Battle rez was still on cooldown so I tanked Kel + 2 adds from 40% to 10% at which point he was battle rezzed again. Never went below 50%, maybe I was lucky.

But that's a bit off topic :D . Major change I found between 10 and 25 man is that Thaddius and Patchwork are a lot harder on 25, while the rest is the same / easier (excepting needing two priests to MC on Rasuvius).

edit: mixed up threads, my on topic is pretty off topic as well :?
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Postby Dehn » Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:25 am

Knaughty wrote:The KT think was definitely double brain-fart:

• Warrior collects 3. Mistake 1
• Knaughty hits RD, rather than just peeling one via OP threat. Mistake 2

Hindsight is 20:20, as is calm consideration. This was "OhShitWTFuckIsHeTryingToDoTankAllFour?!?!?! ACK! Taunt

Its not that impossible to tank all 4..

in our 2nd KT(25) try ever (which was our kill), we had a DK tank them all, while we zerged down the boss..

Of course, this was due to some paladintank being too cocky to move out properly from a fissure, so we were down to the warrior and the dk as tanks for the rest of the fight.

And oh yeah, accepting a battleress while KT is casting a volley is not smart either.
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Postby towelliee » Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:19 am

It is perfectly possible to tank all 4 in 25 man thsi is how we do it

Warrior Tank on Thane
Paladin Tank on Baron
Druid Tank on back left guy
another Warrior on back right guy


Baron is Skull / Thane is X

We tank Baron and Thane in their own spots. After 3 stacks, The warrior calls out switch, I run to the Warrior, taunt Thane off him and he taunts Baron off of me, melee moves with the tanks so not to get killed by Meteor, and we continue this everytime we have 3 stacks. Their both dead usually after second switch.

Then Barons melee and Thanes melee wait for the stacks to finish and then they go to same side dpsing switching sides every 3 stacks.

We have one shot 4-Horse since WOTLK came out in 25 man every week
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Postby gwayne » Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:24 am

towelliee wrote:It is perfectly possible to tank all 4 in 25 man thsi is how we do it

I think the "tank 4" comment is related to guardians at KT.

4 Horseman would be interesting (and short) if you didn't tank them :P
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Postby Salamandra » Thu Dec 11, 2008 9:53 am

In yesterday's clear of Naxx, we had Thane dead before the 3rd mark.
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Postby Peaches » Mon Dec 15, 2008 6:51 am

In the past we had done the kite taunt swap method, worked, was annoying, but worked... Did the zerg Thane method today, much much more effecient as long as your raid can handle the DPS needed before too many marks. We dropped him just after mark 3. Glad I came across this thread, thanks OP.
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Postby baleogthefierce » Fri Dec 19, 2008 7:53 am

Salamandra wrote:In yesterday's clear of Naxx, we had Thane dead before the 3rd mark.

We had a similarly fast kill this week, just pop your cooldowns and GG, down inside 45 seconds.

Just make sure your dps realize that Baron won't be going down quite as fast and that they should eventually move out to reset their debuff stacks ><
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Postby Kelaan » Fri Dec 19, 2008 12:02 pm

Mex wrote:If you lollygag around and put DPS with Rivendare to soak meteor "just in case", or use them up the back to "tank" then you'll likely end up having to swap anyway. If you burn hard, you should be fine.

One question: What prevents the Baron tank from getting gibbed by a meteor, if no one else is near him? I'm just not quite clear on the positioning.
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Postby PsiVen » Fri Dec 19, 2008 12:32 pm

If the Baron tank does end up having to tank Thane, you can dodge Meteors easily by simply moving around a little when you're by yourself. In the 25-man that's a little dangerous but it's far less likely that you will fail to kill Thane in time with 25, plus you will have 1 healer to split meteors with you.

So, with regard to Naxx10, I can definitively say that you should never need 3 healers for this fight if you have a paladin tank. Here's how it goes:

1 ranged + 1 healer on casters in the back
1 tank (can be an offspec long as he holds aggro very well) on Thane
5 DPS on Thane (3, if you're 8-manning it)
1 healer with the Thane group not worrying at all about the Baron tank
1 tankadin soloing Rivendare in the corner

In the 10-man, the melee mobs hit like little girls. A decently geared tank will EASILY live to the 4th mark with no healer without blowing any cooldowns. Sacred Shield, Divine Protection, Runic Healing, LoH, Healthstone, Seal of Light, Judgement of Light will keep you up in any gear level through like 7 marks.
But, you won't need to tank for 7 marks. If your DPS is slow you must transition before they get 6 marks or they'll all die, so swap out and give the healer a chance to top you off. Transition back as soon as the debuff will wear off. If you're well geared enough for Undying to be likely you shouldn't die at this point, but if you aren't then it won't matter if you do because the other tank can handle two at once with cooldowns.
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Postby sfrog » Sat Dec 20, 2008 12:41 am

Keep in mind both the Melee tanks died when we did this right after Baron and Thane did...

We did a Prot Paladin/Warrior on Thane and Baron with an Spriest and Hunter pet on the Caster adds. Melee DPS stayed with the Warrior on Thane's starting side and the Warrior Tank and I traded adds in the middle with me taunting first, him taunting after me. All the caster DPS were on the two caster adds.

We had 2 healers. The Resto Druid ran between the Melee tanks and the Holy priest kept the casters up with the Spriest. Only hard part was controlling the DPS on the Melee side of things so the Casters could burn theirs down. Halfway through when Thane and Baron were at 10% the melee actually went to go help with the Caster side of things.

Worked well but both tanks died right as our targets did so got some kinks to work out. Was a nice one shot though.
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Postby Arquine » Sun Jan 11, 2009 10:16 am

Knaughty wrote:We tried it, and couldn't do it.

Was a lowish DPS raid (lots of fresh 80s) and we could get him down to ~20% by late in stack 3 with almost available DPS on him and bloodlust 5 -10 seconds in. Had two reserve hunters with me on Rivendare to soak meteors in case he didn't die. We also had three ranged on caster side to do their normal transitions.

If you fully committed, with every single DPS bar the two tanks caster side, I think it would be doable, just barely, for an ungeared progression attempt.

Just be aware you're going to wipe if he doesn't die before 4th stack, or really soon after it. I guess the Rivendare tank can bubblewall the 5th mark they're going to get if it takes you 4 to kill thane.

Execution post zerg, with the raid having to scatter to cover tanking duties elsewhere is almost as hard as just doing it the normal way anyway.

Once you have a fortnight's Naxx-25 gear, yeah, just kill Thane, then Rivendare, then the casters.

Actually we managed to survive 4 stacks on Thane. It wasn't much of a choice because we had 2 pally tanks (yay for 4-horseman) so decided to hero from start .
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