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Postby PsiVen » Wed Nov 05, 2008 4:55 pm

Delay or skip, whichever feels more natural for you. Personally I find skipping tends to mess me up more than delaying.

The rotation makes much more sense with ShoR in the mix. It feels really strange without it there at 70.
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Postby Girard-eredar » Wed Nov 05, 2008 10:55 pm

My rule of thumb is "When in doubt, wait for Holy Shield to be up then start from there"
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Postby xstrykr » Wed Nov 05, 2008 11:18 pm

PsiVen wrote:The rotation makes much more sense with ShoR in the mix. It feels really strange without it there at 70.

That's pretty much how I feel. When I don't have a second 6'er to weave into the mix, I usually just drop where I am in the rotation, wait for HS to cooldown, and then start it all over again.
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Postby Seraphyna » Thu Nov 06, 2008 12:34 am

Girard-eredar wrote:My rule of thumb is "When in doubt, wait for Holy Shield to be up then start from there"

I'd have to agree with this. If you're the kind of person who has a little panic, or can't quite work out where to continue your rotation after having to use a GCD on something else, waiting for Holy Shield is probably the best option. Especially seeing as though it's important to make sure you have HS up every cooldown.

I see no issue with waiting for HS, as with the amount of threat you'd be generating anyway will give you plenty of breathing space.
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Postby 2ndNin » Thu Nov 06, 2008 4:34 am

ATM my 96969 is kindof a priority tree till 20%, then a proper 96969 with hammer in there, is horribly strange trying to wait 1.5s, so I just don't :P. Seems to work reasonably well as a priority tree.
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Postby Scrawn » Thu Nov 06, 2008 5:56 am

Girard-eredar wrote:My rule of thumb is "When in doubt, wait for Holy Shield to be up then start from there"

I also agree with this :)
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Postby Eanin » Thu Nov 06, 2008 8:57 am

Yep - sometimes my rotation gets completely screwed up. I imagine it will actually be easier once I get ShoR, but we'll see.

My current thought is 969696 - hit one of my three 9 second abilities, then a 6. It really doesn't matter which one. My rotation gets a little wonky sometimes, but it's still very efficient.
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Postby Vanifae » Thu Nov 06, 2008 10:19 am

I don't think I would drop Hammer of the Righteous from my rotation, probably Judgment but not the Hammer.
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Postby Torquemada » Thu Nov 06, 2008 10:45 am

I pretty much play the same game of whack-a-mole I did before, keeping Holy Shield up, but if it comes up useable the same time as Hammer I hammer first, since I generally have 2 seconds to recast HS. After that it's Consecration or Judgement, AS if I have the mana, Exorcism if it can be done, etc., resealing as needed.
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Postby Diocaska » Wed Dec 03, 2008 8:51 am

Personally I'd prefer to maintain uptime on Holy Shield. If it's not going to drop off for at least 1.5s then assuming a judgment isn't about to drop off, then Shield of the Righteous, then continue rotation from there.
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Postby Equillian » Thu Dec 04, 2008 12:41 pm

Why dont we just "Use the abilities that are needed"?

On every cooldown, I think "whats next?"

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Postby BlackKnight6667 » Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:04 pm

on my 969 I have the two macros, but Consecrate is not in the cycle as I treat it as a situational spell. My 9s are Holy shield and Judge, and my 6s are SoR and HoR. I usually deal with CC and don't want to pop Consecrate and break them if their too close. Also as I'm mostly tanking one mob/boss I'm not having any problems threat wise and spamming in Cons would just drain mana down. When I'm taking on groups of mobs though It is at the start of the sequence and on every free gcd till I'm brought it down to a single mob.
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Postby enbee » Fri Dec 05, 2008 3:39 am

I don't use a rotation and I do anywhere between 6k and 9k tps, I don't see the point at all currently.. I just prioritise holy shield and I try to shield slam after a judge (libram) if it doesn't mean delaying more then 1 gcd.

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Postby Macktruck » Sat Dec 06, 2008 1:48 am

If it's an undead/demon boss or you KNOW that you need to cast something else, you can always break your rotation. You can cast two 6's, then 2 9's, and then whatever else you need like exorcism, or hand, then get back on rotation starting with judgment. I choose to leave out judgment because it's up for 20 seconds, and so it can be skipped out of one rotation on single target tanking without any adverse effects.

If you ever do get out of rotation, just cast a 6 or a 9 spell, and then wait a second or two for a cd to finish, then keep going. Your threat will drop a lil bit, and the wait will seem like forever, but threat is a non-issue.
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Re: Messing up the 9696

Postby bldavis » Sat Sep 19, 2009 9:12 pm

the 96969 rotation works fine pre 75 (when u get ShoR) u just have a spare gcd once in a while, that is a good spot to pop in Exor imo

i find it to be more a situational thing, and you can put in AS, AW, or any other utility spells in that spot.

same thing on single mob tanking at 75+ just drop cons and put in something else (ok maybe not the best but it works for me!)
after that spare gcd, i hit HS again (i start with it) and im back on rotation!

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