[10] Malygos

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[10] Malygos

Postby Markoh » Sun Nov 23, 2008 5:26 pm

Key: First and foremost a key to the focusing iris is required to engage malygos. The key is a drop from sapphiron (the 10 man malygos key drops from 10 man sapphiron and the 25 from the 25 man sapphiron). The key gives you a quest to talk to Alexstraza at Wyrmrest temple http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=13372.

Basic Raid set up: (This is what we found easiest)
1 Tank
3 Healers (One being either a resto druid or holy priest)
6 Dps

Once you get better gear dropping a healer for a dps is possible and will also help you get the achievment to kill malygos under 5 min.

Enrage: 10 min
This is a very tight enrage, as in if you are not decked out in naxx 10/25 gear or in a mix of that gear and sunwell gear this is going to be a rough enrage.

Phase 1

When the focusing Iris is unlocked by whoever has the key Malygos will aggro and start flying down to where the iris was. Grab him and face him north while the raid is to his south . He does a arcane damage breath so you need to keep him facing you, when this breath hits someone it will cause anyone hit to damage those around them so if he hits the raid its basically a wipe. Along with the breath the will do an ability called arcane storm which will hit random targets with missiles.

During this time Power Sparks will occasionally spawn from one of the blinking stars in the sky. These sparks will move slowly toward malygos, and if they reach him they will empower him for a few seconds. It is possible to survive this without using shield wall or trinketing but there is an element of luck to it. I got hit for about 16k with 9k resisted by a breath during an empowered period. The sparks are stunable snareable because of this let your dps know that if they have a snare/stun that it is better for them to stun or snare the spark and sacrfice a little amount of dps, do this within reason though like having a dps war spam hamstring would be dumb. When the sparks die they leave a lighting cloud on the ground that increases the damage of all those who stand in it by 50%(it does stack too). One technique to help with avoiding the enrage is to have a deathknight deathgrip a powerspark into the lightning cloud left by the previous one to give a 100% damage buff.

If your group does not have a deathknight it is still possible to get stacks of powersparks. Since the powersparks always go toward malygos it is possible for the tank to tank malygos on the edge of the platform opposite the side the spark is coming from. This will force the sparks to come through the middle of the room. This will cause multiple sparks to stack in the middle of the room right behind malygos, which does not have a tail swipe so this is a completely safe spot.

One note is to watch agro during this phase b/c a bloodlust with 100% damage buff is gonna make the dps sky rocket in threat. This is the first time since 3.0 that threat has come close to being an issue, we dealt with this by salving the ppl who get close on threat. Another technique is to move onto one of the clouds yourself if you can position it so that you get your own cloud and the dps gets there own.

Approximately every minute during p1 malygos will use an ability called vortex. During a vortex he flys up in the middle of the room causing a vortex that make all players fly into the air and swirl around in circles. While your in the air make it so you are facing north (move so that the pointer on your mini-map has you going north). When the vortex is over you will got tossed down with the rest of the raid, it is very important that you run north they run south. Also make sure you get a quick hit on malygos asap to prevent him from breathing the raid, I just saved avenger shield for when I was running north.

It is very important to know that this ability does cause a decent amount of raid damage that needs to be dealt with. No casts are allowed during a vortex, but instants still work. This means that your dps should be using instant casts to damage malygos and your healers should continue healing through this. Resto druids and holy priest are incredibly powerful at doing this, unfortunately shaman and paladins lack severely at this.

If you have absolutely amazing dps and a couple paladins in the raid with divine guardian it may be possible to have the paladins use divine guardian to reduce the damage taken by the raid and only top people off with holy shock. The drawback to this is you basically force yourself to get out of phase 1 within the number of vortexs that you have paladins with divine guardian.

Another tip to help avoid hitting the enrage is to have everyone move closer to the center of the room right before he does his vortex. This will allow your dps to continue dpsing and if you move in close enough you can continue to tps also.

Rinse and repeat until 50%

Phase 2
At the start of phase two malygos will fly up into the air and scions will come down on flying disks, with 2 of them, the ones that land are caled Lords of Eternity, coming down to the platform within mellee range. The aggro on the lords of eternity seems to be erratic at times and drop aggro so be ready to taunt. Pick these two up and proceed to tank them.

During this phase malygos will drop anti-magic zones which you need to stand inside to both reduce the damage taken from the flying scions, which is about 8k-9k a hit, and because through-out the phase he will occasionally deepbreath the platform with a lightning/arcane breath. These anti-magic zones will shrink at a decent rate so as one starts getting really small he will fire down another anti-magic zone. The raid needs to make sure they have close to or full life before they run for the next anti-magic zone.

One issue to be aware of is the anti-magic zones "bugging". For those of you familiar with the fight, it's the same thing that happened during the kil'jaeden fight with the shield of the blue. What happens is despite standing inside the middle of the shield randomly someone may just take the full damage from either the scion attacks or the deep breath. This is caused by the shield refreshing its buff on the player at the exact same moment the deep breath happens. Another theory is that lag will prevent the buff from being gained right away after refreshing and a deep breath coming in this time will kill you. There is absolutely nothing you can do about this, fortunately it does not happen very often unless you are very unlucky.

Another way to help keep yourselves from hitting the enrage timer is to only move every other anti-magic zone. This will allow your ranged to dps the scions for longer before having to move. One other thing this does is it allows you to be more selective with your anti-magic zones. If he drops a zone down right next to, or on top of (which does happen from time to time), your old zone then have your people on the platform move to it so as to prevent them from taking much damage. If the next zone is far away just have your dps keep nuking and wait for the next zone to drop. Each anti-magic zone will last long enough to have two new zone dropped and will run out just as the third zone is dropped.

After a scion dies his disk falls to the ground and can be ridden like a vehicle. This allows melee to fly up and attack the scions. When all the scions are dead the disks will come back to the ground and phase 3 will begin. When you are on a disk you are no longer under the effect of the anti-magic zone so you will take full damage from the scions. Because of this don't let too many people take the disks to prevent them from getting blown up by the scions.

In a melee heavy raid it suggested that what range you have start on the scions in the air off the start to help fight against the enrage timer. This is because at first you only have 2 disks until another scion is killed.

Phase 3

At the start of phase 3 have one group of the raid move north and one group move south on the platform. The ground will start to give away and you will start falling, only to be saved by red drakes. Now you will begin to fight malygos riding on top of drakes.

One person in each group should be designated as a healer/leader for that group. They are in charge of putting Revivify (a lifebloom, Button 3) stacks on there group members. Also they are in charge of telling your group to move when there is a static field placed on your group. If the group gets low use Life Burst (button 4) which is the finishing move for healing and does an aoe heal, but it costs 50 energy. Our healers said that if you spam revivify on your party you will not be able to use energy faster than you get it due to its low cost, so healers spam till there hearts content.

An alternative theory is to use a 3,3,3,3,3,4 rotation as a healer on the target of a surge. This way uses the life burst to heal the other members and focuses solely on the surged person.

Please be aware that as a healer you build combo points on the people you heal so if you constantly heal different target make sure you heal each person with at least two revivifys in order to keep the points up for the flame shield. Also let your healers be aware that if they use any special raid frames like grid to heal that they will only show the player health not the drake health. To fix this have them pull out their default blizzard raid bars, this is done by going to the raid tab and dragging the group number.

Dps dragons will be using abilities Flame spike (button 1) two time to build combo points, and then following it with Engulf in Flames (button 2) which costs 50 energy. The idea behind this is a 1,1,2 rotation, however this is not going 1,1,2 immediatly. It is the two flame spike quick off the start and wait about 3 seconds to hit engulf in flames. The damage for this fight comes from the engulf in flames not the flame spikes. This means that the most important thing you can do is keep engulf in flames rolling and stacking higher, with 2 combo points the time for engulf in flames is 10 seconds.The important thing to remember is engulf in flames stacks like ignite so you want to keep it rolling and apply a new stack before it runs out. The high stack on our kill was a 16 stack.

Another theory for this is a 1,1,1,2, rotation. This rotation tries to squeeze more damage out, however it is very important that you watch your energy and not go too far below 50.

One thing to point out is that you want this rotation to eventually turn into a 2,1,1 rotation instead of thinking of it as 1,1,2. This is because when you transition into 2,1,1 it will naturally allow you to have 2 combo points up. This basically forces you into having the combo points for a shield and if you are having trouble with certain people with surviving surges have them try this out. When you start with trying to explain this to people make them do a 1,1,2,1,1 to start and then stop. Have them count to 3 and then start the 2,1,1 rotation. From now on all they either press is 2,1,1 or 5,1,1 if they need to shield.

Another tip to help prevent dropping the stacks is to get closer to malygos, standing at max range the engulf has a decent travel time and can fall off. BE VERY CAREFUL THOUGH, getting too close to malygos will get you hit by his aura which will cause a decent amount of damage and will probably end up killing you.

IMPORTANT: The very important part of p3 is to always keep 2 combo points up and have at least 50 energy. During this phase Malygos will be using an ability called power surge (a warning shows up even without boss mods). If you see a message saying he is preparing to surge you need to watch him as he gets ready to channel the spell on you. As he starts you need to hit button 5 (Flame Shield) to make this damage you take trivial. This is very important b/c if you don't shield during a surge you are probably going to die b/c the healers can heal great but all they do is hots so large chunks of direct damage will end in your death.

There is a daily in Borean Tundra called Ace's high which will allow you to fly almost these exact drakes to practice flying on the drakes.http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=13414

I hope this helps with those starting do malygos. This fight seems easy when you are learning phases one and two, however it is very important that you keep the raid focused on becoming as efficient as possible at these two phases and squeeze as much dps out as you can in order to beat the enrage timer. This is not a trivial enrage timer like most fights, it is part gear check part skill check.

Don't get discouraged when you start getting to phase 3, this phase is just going to require people to get practice at it to get better. One thing I suggest is to have someone running damage meters with npcs and pets enabled so you can measure damage done in phase 3 (it will show people on the list twice once for their normal damage and once again for the damage in phase 3 since the drake is your pet essentially). Those people who are lower either are spending too much time with flame shield (I made this mistake the first time, I cast it 4 times in a row because I couldn't tell if he had cast it yet), or they are letting the engulf in flames drop.

Above all please stress to the raid that they are responsible for their own survival, most of the damage in p3 is avoidable and unless your healers dc the only reason you die is because you either sit in a static storm or don't shield.

I hope this helps and please feel free to tell me anything else you notice during the fight and I will try and add it.

Thanks to Sehcs, Senador, and Joandark for the contributions.
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Postby Ewige » Sun Nov 23, 2008 7:23 pm

Thanks for the great tips, downed him right now super easy!
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Postby Sechs » Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:31 am

Very nice guide Markoh. :)

I just want to add some minor tips on how to avoid enrage timer.

Phaze 1.

By standing right under him when the vortex thingy start you can most of the time keep hitting him and using your abilitys those ensuring your tps do not drop.

Phaze 2

In my guild we found it best to move every other anti magic shield he put down to get the most dps out of everyone.

Am not sure this is needed in 10 mans but in 25 mans it definitely helps.
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Postby Markoh » Mon Nov 24, 2008 9:56 am

Thanks I'll add them to the guide.

Ya I've only done 10 man, but my guild is starting to raid again this week so hopefully I can make this a 10 and 25 man guide after this week.
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Postby Senador » Mon Nov 24, 2008 10:28 am

Also, I didn't see it mentioned though,

The daily, Aces High (In Borean Tundra above the Nexus) is essentially practice for the encounter. The drake you control has the same abilities, and it allows you to practice stacking the HoT, and getting used to the dot/attacks. The drakes you have to fight even have a Surge ability so you can practice using the shield ability.

Instead wandering into the fight with half the raid with no idea what is going on, this will give people a much clearer idea of what to do.
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Postby Markoh » Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:19 pm

Senador wrote:Also, I didn't see it mentioned though,

The daily, Aces High (In Borean Tundra above the Nexus) is essentially practice for the encounter. The drake you control has the same abilities, and it allows you to practice stacking the HoT, and getting used to the dot/attacks. The drakes you have to fight even have a Surge ability so you can practice using the shield ability.

Instead wandering into the fight with half the raid with no idea what is going on, this will give people a much clearer idea of what to do.

Thanks, I heard there was a daily that was like it but I had no clue which it was (I skipped alot of areas lvling up b/c it was too crowded). I'll add this.
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Postby Joanadark » Mon Nov 24, 2008 1:40 pm

Some random thoughts, some applying to 25-man, in no particular order.

Optimal Drake DPS rotation is 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 2.

Optimal healing rotation is 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4.
You want ideally to be stacking the hot on people getting fixated, but 3-4 healers just stacking it on themselves will still heal up the raid completely purely through the AOE pulse, provided everyone is clustered in range.

In phase one, Power Sparks are stunnable and snarable. We found having paladins use targetexact macros to hammer of justice them on top of our power residue pile after the deathgrip train moved them to us worked out well. 2 paladins are enough to stun every spark.

Divine Guardian is amazing for this fight. Our kill raid brought 4 paladins, 3 ret, 1 holy. All of us speced Divine Guardian. (This is actually an incredibly powerful raiding retribution build, since the only thing you sacrifice at all is Sheath of Light.)
4 Paladins is enough to have a 30% raid shield wall up for every single Vortex, and every single Deep Breath. Simply make an order with warning macros, and rotate usage.
We also experimented simply chaining all 4 Divine Guardians in sequence right at the start of p2, for 48 seconds of 30% raid shield wall uptime. This is what we did on what ended up being the kill.

Lords of Eternity (the two/four hoverboarders which land initially to attack you on the ground) randomly drop aggro. Be watching for this. In Melee heavy raid comps, ranged should completely ignore the Lords and immediately attack the Scions flying overhead, letting the melee kill the Lords on the ground, to ensure that you never have a point where melee dps are sitting on the ground without a hoverboard available, but with nothing to DPS.

Potion of Speed.

Anti-magic Shields bug in the same way that Shield of the Blue on KJ sometimes bugs, where you may find yourself inside of it, but not be receiving the buff. Check your debuff list, always, and if you arent getting it, move in and out of the shield until you do. People get instagibbed inside bubbles if you arent paying attention.

On 10-man p2, make sure that if there are several scions still alive you dont let too many people all take off on hoverboards and leave too few people on the ground, because the odds of multiple scions shooting arcane blasts at the same person and instagibbing them by coincidence are greatly increased. There is no reason, whatsoever, for a tank to take a hoverboard, especially on 10-man.
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Postby Samilyn » Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:40 pm

Excellent guide! Thank you for posting it.

A few things:

We walked in after clearing Naxx tonight to try this boss out. We had 2 tanks, 2 resto shaman and 6 DPS. We couldn't get past a vortex without half the raid dieing, they would lose 100% life during the ability.

Are we missing anything, or does this simply require druid/priest to heal through? When we attempt him next we'll have nearly the same group, swapping the second tank for a resto druid. I'm the only 80 paladin we have currently, and our Warrior will be tanking so a DG rotation isn't feasible either.

This encounter seems quite a bit more difficult than any other WOTLK raids I've encountered, but it's certainly going to be a fun fight once we get things worked out. Any tips on raid comp, what kinds of healers you brought, would be very much appreciated.
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Postby Ewige » Tue Nov 25, 2008 1:02 am

Initially we had a similar set up with a shaman and a paladin healing, but we just *had* to bring in a priest for CoH during vortexes since all the instants work. I imagine a druid would do just as well if people stack right before a vortex.

Remember, this is also a dps fight to beat the enrage timer (10 minutes) so bring one tank, 3 healers and 6 dps. Especially if you are not epixed to the teeth.

This encounter looks much harder than it is. Once everybody gets into the rhythm of phases and spark stacking, you should get to phase 3 consistently. Malygos is by no means a pushover but he's entirely doable with a mix of gear (mostly blues, heroic epics and badge gear on this side).
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Postby Markoh » Tue Nov 25, 2008 1:12 am

Thanks for the help on stuff to add, I'll do a big edit soon and try and get everything in and maybe make it easier to read.

I'll also stress the enrage a little more and remove some of the stuff that makes it sound easy. I'm kinda assuming a group of our experience, which was 6/6 sunwell pre nerf, so I'll try and make those changes asap.
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Postby Morganim » Tue Nov 25, 2008 6:42 am

Have you guys had any problems with the lifebloom like heal not giving combo points, causing you to need to use the main nuke (number 1) in order to get off the big heals.

We messed around with this fight a couple times this week and honestly failed at it. Although now we are getting the hang of it and starting tog et to p3 a little more often.

Originally our problem was people dying in p1 whirlwind not having enough hp, then it was the 10k burst dmg in p2 and healers not ready for it, But slowly where getting it. Its annoying when its not a hard fight and one person fucks up which chains bad events it reminds me of muru all over again and its costing us a kill of a boss we really should be smoking because its not freaking hard /rant finished
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Postby Ewige » Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:23 am

I think our 3 drake healers pulled out the raid pet frames for this one as drakes show up in there, not very sure how they stacked the healing thing though.

Another good point is to put a raid mark on one or two drakes for stacking (depending on how you chose to split up the group), having somebody call out to move (and rotate in ONE direction) from the, uh, electricity cloud thingies. Other than that, 1 1 1 2, wait, rinse, repeat.
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Postby Markoh » Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:24 am

When you switch targets you loose your combo points so that may be the reason.

Your healers should never nuke, ever. They should be just putting a stack up on one guy and moving on.
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Postby Chevy » Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:28 am

I noticed Xperl wont show me combo points on this fight - which is pretty annoying. Think we're gonna go after him again today after maintenance and I'm either disabling it, or having to count points on my own.
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Postby Zeno » Tue Nov 25, 2008 12:53 pm

I'll just throw out some random thoughts and hopefully that will help someone out there. Our gear level was about 6 people with 1 week of Naxx10 gear, and another 4 people with leveling blues. I have indicated those with better gear with a * to illustrate that healers, tanks, and melee dps are very important for this fight. Group composition was as follows:

*Prot Paladin (me!)
*Resto Druid
*Holy Priest
*Assassination Rogue
*Ret Paladin
*Fire Mage
Feral Druid
Unholy DK (didn't use to death grip, because he kept using it on Malygos)
BM Hunter
Marks Hunter

Phase 1
- Vortex hurts. A lot. Just remember that you have a few seconds of free DPS if you stand underneath him. One thing we found hopefully was to make everyone run to the 'inner circle' when he started flying to ensure that the raid was topped off before Vortex. We used a holy priest and a resto druid and they didn't have any problems keeping everyone alive in Vortex.
- Your tank should be looking for sparks *during* Vortex so that you can face Malygos the right way once you land. For example, if you insist on always tanking him facing north, and a power spark spawns from the north, you are risking your DPS getting arcane breathed.
- If a power spark *does* hit Malygos, shield wall instantly. He can and will arcane breath you, then attack instantly after, which is almost always results in a death.
- In order to make the enrage, your DPS should always be in at least 1 spark. If you can get two stacked (through luck of spawn points, or death grip), you will have a much easier time beating the enrage.

Phase 2
- Keep DPSing as long as you can as he starts flying upward. It's free dps!
- Don't stack at the start of the phase, the beams which open the dampening field do damage (and I believe knock back).
- Designate someone who will be on the ground with DBM to call when to move from field to field. You all need to move together.
- Don't send your top melee dps up first, if your raid was like ours, you will need him/her to help with the second Lord.
- Burn all of your mana on heals/dps this phase, since you won't need it for the next phase.

Phase 3
- On our kill, we entered phase 3 with about 3 minutes left, and one person died 15 seconds into the phase. He actually enraged at the end, and our dots killed him.
- We used 3 healers, 7 dps. As mentioned above, dps should be using 1-1-2, healers should be using 3-3-3-3-3-4, and everyone needs to remain above 25 energy at all times to use flame shield (5).
- We stacked up to maximize the effects of Life Burst (4). Everyone needs to move out of the sparks to avoid taking massive damage.
- If you are very close to the enrage, and only have a few % to go, try getting your healers to start dpsing before they die (it worked for us!)
- Healers should target their drakes at the start. I believe there is a bug where if you target Malygos, and are using auto self-cast to cast heals on yourself, it won't build combo points and thus you can't flame shield.

Hopefully this helps someone out! Good luck!
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