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Postby Kaiser » Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:05 pm

When 3.0.2 launched, I had to spec Ret just to give it a try. A couple of gear upgrades, and I was easily able to solo Strat. 15 minutes or less for a Baron run was fun.

When 3.0.3 landed, and the nerfs hit, that exact same Ret Paladin just couldn't keep up as easily. I don't THINK I suddenly became a tard and forgot how to play, but I noticed that I suddenly died 3 times doing the run the exact same way I had before, numerous times. Mainly, I noticed I ran out of mana much faster, and wasn't doing as much damage as before to kill things BEFORE I ran out of mana.

Honestly though, as I find myself really missing carrying a shield, I plan to go back to a Prot spec and start gearing for that (possibly using some of my Ret gear for now) and seeing how that does in Strat. The talents and abilities available make it seem like it would be extremely easy, so I hope to have less issues than I did with my run last night.
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