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Postby Thels » Tue Nov 11, 2008 9:38 am

I guess that Rogue only needed friendly, and not honored anymore?

As for what happened, I became the GM of my raiding guild, and had stuff set up decently, when one morning guildmates bugged me on MSN, asking why they were gkicked.

When I tried to log in, I got an incorrect password error. Went to the account site, changed the password to something else, and then logged in. Found myself guildless according to my tabard. All my own gear was there, even the boe consumables and stuff, but the entire guild (and the guild bank) was gone.

So I contacted a GM. They had to suspend my account for investigation. I would also receive an email according to the GM, but got nothing. They did nothing with my account until I got an email two weeks ago that my password was changed, and my account was available.

The annoying stuff? We were right in front of Shahraz. A LOT of SR primals and hearts, as well as a few crafted items were sitting on my bank alt, still available, but since I couldn't log on, the guild had to refarm them :(
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Postby Barathorn » Tue Nov 11, 2008 9:55 am

I did wonder where you went Thels, you went from being a vocal force on forums for Tankadins to nowhere to be seen. Glad your ok. That is pretty harsh what happened but certainly not unheard of. 9 months though is a long time.

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