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Postby CKaz » Mon Nov 03, 2008 9:53 am

My 2 cents on the 'looks' since that's where the topic has gone -

* I too really enjoyed the look of some of my earlier equipment, where equipment down the line got crazy, and insane with BC. However I attribute a lot of that too the crazy expansion itself... look at the landscape and the colors. WotLK and Northrend is supposedly going to tone this down, and I'm hopeful/looking forward to it.

* Still, Blizzard really likes over the top, the DK is an example. Tweak to the voice, even ths skin, not a bad call - less bright blue toons ftw. But the glowy eyes... omg. I had my name and DK toon picked almost upon announcement, but that changed. You see Arthus, look at the cinematics, you see the eyes. Now imagine bright big lightbulbs instead. Not quite the same is it? Same with my Avatar... tossed the human female toon I had picked right out the window, that toons eye glow being absolutely absurd.

I've enjoyed warcraft through wc3:ft, and I've enjoyed WoW. But right, there's a move past functional weapons, where melee weapons turned impossible and ranged weapons something from Ghostbusters. It's a shame to get your stats throughout your journey you most of the time look half-ghetto and entirely mismatched. And you finish with a set where everyone looks similiar if not the same, and you look like you're ready for Starcraft more than Warcraft.

It'd be nice if one could dye in the game (omg do I need 'Hot Pally Pink?').
It'd be nice if one could pick from a range of looks rather than a slave to stats and function.

Maybe they could take this nod from Guildwars, where you can do both.
e.g. These were separate decisions [look, stats] giving you great flexibility.
That'd be a nice and very refreshing change, IMO.
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Postby Enkal » Mon Nov 10, 2008 1:43 am

I love the looks of pala T6!! Looks incredibly good and paladinish! 8)

A small part of me dies when I know I'll be wearing that abomination called T7... :(

I really hope Blizz armor designers can make something better for T8 and T9. Even T5 is better looking than T7 tbh!
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Postby aardvark » Mon Nov 10, 2008 4:32 am

Zironic wrote:However in TBC you got the huge shiny weapons as greens while leveling up and the epics were just off the chart.


When a 1H-sword looks like it was stolen from Cloud, somebody has taken a wrong turn somewhere.
Size upgrades in tbc went daggers -> sword models, 1h weapons -> 2h, 2h weapons -> oh come on...
Daggers bug me the most tbh, just something wrong with having my lock run around with a dagger as big as his torso.

And still they managed to make my female belfs 1h sword look like a toothpick when tbc launched :eek:
Think they fixed that issue, though it could be that i just have some massive sword that's scaled like a toothpick and thus it looks okay to me... ;) /shrug

WTB vanilla scaling with tbc style. :)
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Postby Kellann » Mon Nov 10, 2008 10:34 am

Danth wrote:We ought to generate comparable threat to the other tanks, but damage doesn't have to be equal. We're defensive, not offensive fighters. Our overall damage output means almost nothing in the overall scheme of things. If you disagree with that, you might be playing a tank for the wrong reasons.

Jumping to unnecessary conclusions much?

In our 2.4 progression kills of Gorefiend (merely the most egregious example that comes to mind), I was slated to tank over the warrior because:
-I was doing ~600Dps while tanking, and the warrior could do ~1kDps just by going DW and lol-deva-spam.

When attempting to have him tank, we saw:
-I could do 300~350 Dps while 'dps' (actually my best was in lol-shockadin style gearing) while he did ~500 dps tanking
-I could throw some completely superfluous cleanses (our rets and priests had it more than covered)

If you're standing in front of a mob and smashing it (and it's nearby friends) in the face with a weapon, you're not being defensive. The model of tanks doing 20~40% of the dps that any other character is doing is not only outdated but it fails a simple logic test - why on earth is the heavily armored gnat chewing on your ankle the one you just 'have' to kill while ignoring the hugely dangerous people plunging sharp implements into your innards and setting your head on fire.

Rather than be trite and reword your "if you don't agree with that..." fallacy, I'll point out that in ANY min/max situation - something like tank DPS is not in fact trivial. A few percent mitigation will probably come into play in fewer encounter designs than a DPS check...
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