mana tombs

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mana tombs

Postby Donjuan » Mon Sep 24, 2007 6:52 am

Anyone else have any issues here in heroic setting? i mean the constant mana burn and impotence curse which lower you sepll damage by 300+. I was loosing aggro alot there. Didnt much like the first boss either, barley got through, any tips for him?. I had to swicth to a dps weapon eventually, for the rest of the dungeon as the mana burn and loss aggro was getting so bad. sometimes i really wonder what blizzard are thinking when they design this stuff, i mean why not make it so they steal rage and lower melle dps too? so that all tanks are handicapped.

On another not i am starting to feel out paced by this druid in my guild his threat and dps is rivalling my own, even on undead stuff. His dps in tank form is much higher , he can take more damage with less gear and has more health, and dont need to drink water after pulls. any remedies to this? i thought warrior was my only problem, but this druid is sick, such high aggro ( even higher than mine at times) and without any of my drawbacks ie immune to mana drain , magic resist mobs etc etc.
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Postby Vanifae » Mon Sep 24, 2007 7:53 am

Bears can't parry or block, both of these are huge issues in progression content.

They can be overcome but it makes them less then ideal for some encounters.

PS: I have no suggestions I did Mana Tombs on heroic and it was fucking brutal.
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Postby Tiandelin » Mon Sep 24, 2007 8:04 am

Bring shadow resistance gear (non-plate and greens are fine) for the first boss. Use shadow resistance aura if you don't have a priest for shadow protection. Tank him up against a solid object and make sure the rest of your group is braced up against something so they don't get thrown across the room. Also, make sure you turn off auto attack when he uses his Dark Shield ability, or you might end up killing yourself on it.

As for the darkcasters, they suck. Either kill them first or CC them and kill them last. If you have someone who can interrupt in your group (and I highly recommend it), make sure they're ready for the mana burn. Save HoJ for them just in case.

As for druids, I've heard that the gap diminishes later on. In any case, they have their advantages, as do we.
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Postby Nevrosion » Mon Sep 24, 2007 9:19 am

Doing MT daily with some friends. Using alot of CC, much moore than usual. Seldom fighting moore than 2 mobs at any give time. This result in sometimes rather slow run compared to others but it no biggie. Bring a mage for sheep and a rogue for sap or hunter for freeze and you are set. We always sheep a caster, and sap another if rogue, kill it if none, hunter traps a melee.

On the first boss I use SoR and only conc. one time (roght after he fades back). Havent had the autoattack button in my actionbar for a long time but at this boss its nice, kinda hard to click somwhere else when the voidwalker is filling ur entire screen. Just tap it once when u see the emote and he turns invisible to stop attacking. Pop conc. and exorsism and start swinging again when he is normal - aprox 5 secs after he changed.
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Postby Brute » Mon Sep 24, 2007 9:26 am

Bring good CC and a dependable interupter.

Bring boatloads of shadow resist for the first boss... I don't think AC matters so it can be whatever armor type. Just stack stamina and SR, threat won't be a problem because you can exorcise him and spam consecrate won't drain you dry because of the massive damage you'll take.

For the trash, that all depends on your CC/interupt people. If they're good, it should go smooth.

Be careful on the 2nd boss... his arcing smash was hitting me for over 10k. If in doubt, pop that LoH.

Third boss, stack arcane, fire, and ice resist gear and you will resist a TON of damage. Don't worry about physical mitigation at all... he hits like a creampuff and you can completely block his melee easily. This fight is a DPS race to see how fast it takes the healer to go OOM. The DPS HAS to kill prince asap... they should probably just ignore the beacons as much as possible. Be prepared to lose agro some if they're doing their job. Prince doesn't melee a lot so your holy shield won't get used that much so that will hurt your threat gen. Try to keep the adds that will pop on you.

I've downed him twice and its quite an exciting fight.
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Postby Donjuan » Mon Sep 24, 2007 10:47 am

Thank you everyone, I really appreciate your help. :D
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Postby dern » Wed Sep 26, 2007 12:42 pm

Nevrosion wrote:Havent had the autoattack button in my actionbar for a long time but at this boss its nice, kinda hard to click somwhere else when the voidwalker is filling ur entire screen.

Wish I had read this 2 das ago /lol

i did not even remember this instance, but we were apping a healer so i was a good workout for him. Had 2 rogues sapping so no issues. That first boss was a pain, one of the rogues died immediately. I had no clue about the fight when our hunter pulled it.. . .
Hey, how's this fight work?
Tank him against that rock but don't hit him when yada yada yada

oh and Shadow Resist

We one shot each of the bosses (w/ 4 ppl on first boss) and I was completely lost the entire run. Good times tho :) and looks like some decent bracers drop there
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Postby arie » Wed Sep 26, 2007 10:53 pm

I've done this a few times, to me the trash doesn't really get challenging until after the second boss. Last time I went, my group was pally tank(me), 2x enhancement shamys, resto shamy, shadow priest. I had a lot of spell damage on me and shamys had salvation so we burned down everything before the mana burn/silences could hurt us much until we got to the packs that spam immolate on the whole group, and gouge.. at that point we got a mage to swap with one of the shamys and it was easy again :)
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Postby Khaelor » Sat Sep 29, 2007 1:00 am

I usually just ae tank this instance with heavy dps. Usually run with some sort of fear that we use as CC as neccessary on the later mobs (Spellbinder/Theurgist packs).

For trash, it's basically knowing what each mob type does. A quick rundown:

Crypt-Raider - Mortal strike, heavy hitter
Scavenger - Normal melee mob
Sorcerer - Arcane Missles, if left alive long enough (or CC'd) will summon 2 adds that hit for 700+ ae arcane damage
Priest - Holy Nova, PW:S, Heals if left alive long enough (long cast, easy to interrupt)
Darkcaster - Mana Burn (fast cast, fight near an object/wall other members can los this on). Casts a nasty SW:P. They heal themselves without casting anything. I honestly don't know what causes it, but they do it randomly. Low hps, easy to dps burst.
Stalker - Casts a poison that increases casting time and damages, gouges (highly annoying, CC large groups of these)
Spellbinder - Chain casts immolate (hurts real bad), can summon a pet (hits for magical damage, not that big of a deal), can CS
Theurgist - Polymorphs and Blast Nova's
Mana Leech - These mana burn, cast faerie fire and explode upon death for a decent amount. Focus these, don't AE them down.
Nexus Terror - All Shadow Damage (bring out your SR gear again), can death coil, casts a damage and silence debuff (magic), has a curse that reduces magical damage dealt.

For Trash, this is always the kill order I use when I am running no CC:
Spellbinder > Darkcaster > Theurgist > Sorceror > Priest > Stalker > Crypt Raider > Scavenger.

You won't run into all combo's of these. Basically for the first several pulls, kill the Sorc > Raider > Scavenger.

The next few rooms add Priest after Sorc. Then just keep adding the next most threatening mob to the top of the list.

For the last room where you have the pull of 2x Theurg and 2x Spellbinder, it depends on what class makeup you have. If you have a fear, pull them back, fear the theurgs and burn down the spellbinders. Same if you have a sheep/trap/sap, CC one of the spellbinders and burn down the other one. They are the biggest threat.

For Pandemoneous and the Nexus Terror trash mobs, run Shadow Resist gear. Just search the AH for "Shadow Protection", you can get some nice stuff for 5-10g a piece. I run with 339 SR with aura up and Pand only hits me for 600ish.

For Tavarok, just have all ranged classes stand at max range. His earthquake is a 30 yard range, so everything except melee and a shadow priest can range it. If you take an arcing smash it will hurt, but generally he is very easy.

Nexus-Prince Shaffar is the most annoying fight ever, but I have it down to a science now after failing horribly so many times. Basically if you have a SP or a lock in the group, it will make the fight much easier.

Keep 1 DPS on Shaffar at all time (SP preffered, but lock will work too. If you don't have either, use a ranged DPS that generally doesn't burst very well). The other 2 DPS burn down adds, then work on Shaffar in between spawns. Keep salv on your healer and the DPS attacking Shaffar, but do not salv the 2 DPS that are attacking the adds. If they have salv, the adds will go for the healer since you are not tanking them. At 20% focus fire on Shaffar, then finish any adds that are still up.

A lot of groups try to ignore adds and max DPS Shaffar down, and while this does work if your DPS is very good... you are then left with 10+ adds that will most likely wipe the group after Shaffar is down.

If you happen to have a feral druid DPSing, another strategy that works for me is to have everyone DPS Shaffar except the druid. The druid goes around in bear form and grabs aggro on every add that pops up. This keeps DPS on Shaffar, and the adds off the group. The healer has to be on top of healing 2 tanks however, but with the extra DPS on Shaffar he does down fast.

If you are crazy enough to do all the repetative steps to get the perma-key for Yor's cell, he is straight tank and spank (he has a ton of HPS). The only special thing he does is a double breath that doesnt hit very hard. Keep people away from his face, that's all.

Mana-Tombs is one of the hardest heroics out there, but it is personally one of my favorites to run. Hope this helps!
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Postby Mithos » Sat Sep 29, 2007 4:29 am

Scavenger is not a normal melee mob, they will completely dump all aggro very often. Spam consecrate to keep it on you and save taunt for it if it runs off, and kill it last.

Check your combat log, and you will see the Darkcasters have "Vampiric aura", people who played WC3 will remember this, if you haven't, it means every successful melee strike heals you. It heals the mobs for 3.2k ish on every successful melee swing and is an AURA, meaning all mobs neaby are affected by it. The best thing to do is ALWAYS nuke these first (you never see a group with darkcasters/spellbinders anyway, well, unless you do special pulls like me), stun them on about 50% and run away, so they can't leech off you, effectively kiting them. Tell everyone to spam slowing effects on it so it can't reach you. Also, you sholdn't be getting mana burned unless, the always target someone else from what I've seen, and if they target you stun them.

Blessing of Sacrifice on either an OT or someone who is building secondary agg on the Nexus-Stalkers helps, it means they only need to take one hit before you can spam a spell to take them back (just re-seal/holy shield, whatever, any action refreshes threat after a CC)

I ran this instance daily trying to get those bloody bracers (then checked atlas loot and saw they were also in heroic arca, first run there since checking = bracers >.<), usually forming the group out of 3 druids, a priest, a rogue, and a mage. So we usually had a CC/interupter and always had a decurser. This is one of the more challenging heroics as it is a skill rather than gear check (you can out gear it though) and one of my favourites, along with Old Hillsbrad. I have done this instance with no SR, no CC, and no interupters, and I can say it makes things REALLY hard, and I probably outgeared Pandemonus. I would heavily advise bringing at least a mage (sheep is far better than sap here as combat can be drawn out).

I run with 312 SR and 12k unbuffed HP for pandemonus (no special BT resist gear), and full tank gear for the second boss, as he has once before hit me with a 10.5k Arcing Smash (425 blocked), which is painful in a 5 man with a blue geared healer (full tank gear depending on your progression, I infact use 4/5 T4 and other threat/intellect gear so the DPS don't have to hold back). For the final boss I use solo gear (basically pvp gear with more spell dmg), and swap in some high stamina threat gear, as he is a mob I deem "where someone has to hold aggro", rather than tank him. He is a caster who melee's for beans, so no point in using tank gear, I just pretend I'm a DPSer and go all out on him, holding aggro and eating spell damage. Usually I tell people to nuke the first 3 adds, then ignore additional spawns, works well if you are melee heavy, if more ranged I'd say get one person on boss and 2 on adds, that way you should be able to survive until he runs oom, at which point you win as ong as you are almost all alive.
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Postby Jarkeld » Sat Sep 29, 2007 9:19 am

The other solution to bringing lots of CC is to bring lots of melee, rogues, enhance shamans, fury warriors. They can tank half the mobs in the instance cause their damage is all from spells and all the mobs have absurdly low armour values so they have really good dps. Also, lots and lots of interrupts.
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Re: mana tombs

Postby CowlyPaladin » Tue Oct 02, 2007 4:19 am

I did heroic mana tombs a couple of times and havent had any problems so far. yeah, they mana burn and all that, usually the party i go with keeps the mana burners cc-ed and the healer staying at max range. as long as the healer heals me, i have virtually unlimited mana.. so no problems there for a prot pally.. might be problems if the healer dont constantly heal the pally tank though
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Tips and Shadowlabs

Postby Brittin » Tue Oct 02, 2007 8:03 am

If you liked the challenge of Heroic MT, I suggest you try Heroic Shadowlabs. I found it very challenging even with a strong group. Don't forget to pick up your Trail of the Naruu quest for grins first.

One thing that helps immensely in MT is to remember you really don't have to pull much of the instance to get to NPS. Some short cuts are:
- 2nd room - go over the bone pile to your right, pull the group with 2 priests and a mage, the terror mob, the 2 priest patrol, and the door mobs, skip the rest
- hall before second boss - pull left side mobs and the terror fiend, skip the worms, and 2 right side darkcaster packs
- in the 2 (3?) circular rooms - pull only the left side, you can leave the mobs on the right if your careful

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Postby gwayne » Tue Oct 09, 2007 6:14 am

After a long arguement with a resto shaman he convinced me I don't need Shadow Res for the first boss in heroic MT (except the aura). Although I didn't believe him it appears to work. Get your healer to spam heal you, the dps to bandage and remember to stop auto attack when the dark shell comes up. I found judging righteousness, exorcism and consecration after each dark shell gave me plenty of aggro.

The rest of the instance is a little annoying but as long as you have interrupts in your group and you help with the dispels it's not too bad. I've never had any trouble with the second boss and the 3rd boss is just a bit of a dps fest. Again no res gear, but usually with frost/fire auras/totems.
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Postby quoll » Tue Oct 09, 2007 6:22 am

If you want to make the first boss alot easier, take shadow resistance greens. Problem solved.

As for the rest of the instance, just run with Shadow Priest, CC, DPS, Healer. I had the pleasure of two shadow priests, Shaman and Druid healer, so I had 0 CC and it raped me on some pulls, on the plus side, mana was no issue at all.
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