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Postby mirkodeluxe » Tue Oct 28, 2008 8:33 am

Macha wrote:
Worldie wrote:What people complain about is the attitude that blizzard shows toward paladins, rather than the actual class effectiveness. In WotLK we are perfectly fine as Main Tanks, much more than in TBC, and i'd say on par as warriors. It just sucks that we're just "oh if you happen to be broken, then i guess we should fix you, but we think you are fine", nevermind the over nine thousand WWS reports from others.

That is mostly the thing. We sure can MT - sure we do less threat, but so far, it doesn't matter much, less than tooooooo much threat is still too much threat.
Sure we get more damage, and are harder to heal against dangerous bosses, but a worse player is harder to heal than us. Sure we lack tools to deal with various problems but somehow it can be worked around.

But the attitude Blizzard shows sucks - we're not even getting the 11 pointer until 3.1 or later. We are that low on the totem pole as far as priority goes.
That, and off-tank dps is still awful - and well, I for one remember that we were kinda promised the opposite. To make tanking more fun.

And they did, for everyone but us.

I agree that they've said exactly that; We think youre fine and overreacting, but if your statements have merit we will look into it and fix it if needed.

I see no problem with that. If I were to act on every single problem, big or small, that my customers might report then we would probably be bankrupt within a year. You analyze data, you assess the situation and you discuss solutions. You DONT go on a fixing spree just because someone reports a problem.. You make a note, you investigate and sometimes you have to wait for it to become a real problem or sometimes collect more data. In the meantime I say exactly what Blizzard is saying - we understand your concerns and you may be right, but we cannot act until we're sure what to fix.

That said, it sure is annoying when they yank away the rug from under you when youve just started to get comfortable. I am, however, not worried.

And there is a clear difference between offtank dps and being able to dps while not tanking. There is also a great difference between offtank DPS and offtank TPS, the latter might be a problem atm.. But I dont know since no encounter ive done lately has required one. Offtank DPS is a lot better than it used to be atleast.

Also, all tanks lack tools compared to other tanks. No other tank has a debuff wipe like we do for example. No other tank has an aggrodump like we do.. So it all comes down to deciding what the core tanking tools are and THEN discuss whether we have them or not.
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