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Postby Grimmal » Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:53 am

I know on this board and most others people only think about talents in respect to what good they are at 70 (soon to be 80), but imo the fact that new Paladins still need to level up should be taken into account as well.

What good is a 51 point talent that buffs damage when you actually need something from the start? If they are going to add dps talents to fix the problems they have created, they need to be much lower in the tree so that they are available very early in the leveling process. Yet still limited in some way so that they aren't easily gained or wanted outside of your chosen spec.


Honestly at this point I think the best fix would be for Paladins to have a similar stance system to the one Warriors have. Then require that you be in that stance for certain abilites/talents to work. That way they could give low level Holy and Prot ways to do much better dps while having it give Ret no benefit. For example you could move Holy Shock down to a 11 point talent but require you to be in 'Holy Stance' to use it.

Saying that, it will never happen as it would probably take to much time and energy to do.
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Postby Macha » Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:55 am

Knaughty wrote:
Dianora wrote:
Majiben wrote:
Dianora wrote:I have full faith in the intent and ability of Blizzard screwing us over. I've yet to be wrong.
You've said that before in other threads. Now /shoo if you don't have any ideas.

Hey, this is only the third time since pre-beta that Blizzard have gone ahead and done a major nerf with minimal amount of testing. Beta->WoW, TBCBeta->TBC, WotLKBeta->WotLK. I call that a pattern. If they don't intent on driving people away from playing paladin, then they're rather talented at doing just that.

And yet somehow paladins still exist.

And yet, it took until 2.3 for ret and prot to actually find acceptance among even a smaller part of the population and until 2.4 until most people accepted both specs.
Holy meanwhile was only taken for blessings. THAT is why Paladins still exist: Until 3.0, blessings were too powerful to pass up. Salvation was the biggest dps increase in the game, for once. It allowed threat-capped dps to do almost 50% more dps.
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