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Postby Fridmarr » Thu Oct 23, 2008 9:43 am

Zironic wrote:
fafhrd wrote:
Neuron wrote:Wonder if this buffs the value of armor ignore.


Well, it buffs the absolute amount of armor removed by each point of ArP, but that's irrelevant if each point is providing a smaller DPS increase than it used to.

Supposed boss has 15k armor now, and suppose all armor debuffs reduce this to 10k.

If you have 30% armor reduction from ArP gear, this brings boss down to 7k armor for your attacks. I think that's roughly 43% damage reduction, so your 1000 damage shot hits for 570.

Now, boss gets 10% more armor, so is at 16.5k, is debuffed down to 11.5k, which your 30% ArP gear brings down to 8050 armor. Which is something like 46.7% damage reduction, so now your 1000 damage shot hits for 540.

You can probably tweak the absolute values above to arrive at some situations where each point of ArP is now worth more than it was before, but I don't think it's going to make ArP any less undesirable than it already is.

You're doing it wrong.
This is the formula for lvl 70 attacker:
(Armor / (Armor + 10557.3)) * 100

We'll do this for 4 values, 11k, 10k, 7k and 7.7k
11k = 51% = 49% dmg done
10k = 48.7% = 51.3% dmg done
7k = 39.9% = 60.1% dmg done
7.7k = 42.2% = = 57.8% dmg done

578/490 = 17.9% increase
601/513 = 17.2% increase

Thus ArP is MORE valuable the more armor the target has.

We could compare this with way crit rating, to get our 30% armor pen you need 222 Armor pen (7.4 per %), crit costs 22 per 1%, that means 30% pen which is somewhere around 17% dmg is equal to 10% crit itembudgetwise. So on a high armor target ArP is clearly superior to crit

Sure 15k armor is not a realistic lvl 70 scenario so i'll do the math for a real raid boss.

He'll be down to around 2k armor after all the cute debuffs so we'll compare 2k with 1.4k

2k = 15.9% = 84.1% damage done
1.4k = 11.7% = 88.3% damage done

883/841 = 4.9% increase, about half as good as crit

So on a low armor target crit is clearly superior to ArP.

I suspect blizzard aim for them to be equivalent on a lvl 80 raidboss that's fully armordebuffed.

Yeah, armor pen was changed with this patch I believe. It's now a percentage reduction of armor. It used to be a fixed amount, so it used to be much more effective against low armored targets.
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