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Postby Helpunot » Sun Oct 12, 2008 8:17 am

Havin an issue with these 2. I am of course the OT since the warrior cannot build threat if he never gets hit.

I was under the impression that we needed to build an uncrushable set for this fight. I cannot see it possible to reach uncrushable without using mostly or all Shield block rating gear, which the stam really sux on. First night we got her down I still got crushed 3x on the kill shot because that was when I found out she could crush me. I put all the gear on that I had in my bag that increased my avoidance and got to 119%.

The other night I had gotten my set to 127.5% with the libram and about 19.5k health, but it seems like I am still dying a little too fast for my healers to catch me. Of course the last 2 times I died, she had just come off me, I started to cast AS and bam she turns around and 2 shots me.
My basic question is, should I use my maxhp set which will give me about 22.5 with the imp (im in the warlock tanks group) or stick with the uncrushable set?

I do not have the Shadowmoon insignia, it only ever dropped once for our guild and I was dumb enough to pass it to the druid who was already good enough to tank brut because he had 'called' it (the trinket) for so long and would have flew into an emorage gquit had I not passed it to him. I also do not have illi's helm as that still has not dropped, so my overall avoidance is not to my liking.

This is of course the last night I will have to worry about getting crushed, as tuesday is 3.0.2. But we wanna get them down this week and I don't want to have to sit for the druid.
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Postby Worldie » Sun Oct 12, 2008 8:42 am

Uncrushable isn't much important, the only kind of burst you'll take is confunding + 2 melee hits which if they both crush, averages about 20k damage. The odd Crushings during standard tanking aren't much of a issue since you are getting healed anyway and her melee strenght isn't much big.

However, all this should be useless in 3 days, so just go with your best avoidance set tbh.
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Postby Helpunot » Sun Oct 12, 2008 8:46 am

Thanks for the advice, I was already leaning towards the higher HP sets as I have more spell damage and hit in those sets and my threat seemed to be off with the uncrushable set + the whole issue of getting gibbed and everyone seeing me with just 19k hp made me feel like I was naked.
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