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Postby majiben » Fri Oct 10, 2008 4:25 pm

I just wrote this up for steadypal in a PM and thought it would contribute to this discussion:

Personally I would go with 17 defense, 4 dodge and 5% BV over 19 stamina (I subtracted 7 stamina from
both sides). The way I have always decided between avoidance and stamina gems/enchats is if I could trade 1 stamina for 1 or more avoidance rating then I would take the avoidance option. In this case you are trading 19 stamina for 21 avoidance rating and some BV. A clear win.

With 3.0 around the corer the chest enchant is not so clear. In the past I would always go with +15 defense becuase +150 HP is only worth about 12 stamina. 12 stamina is worth less than 15 advoidance rating. The +6 stats is worthless atm becuase it's subpar in avoidance and stamina.

With 3.0 around the corner it's harder to tell. Due the change in our stamina scaling and the likelyhood of not having kings the value of various enchants changes somewhat. The value of +150 hp goes up to 13 stamina but without the threat componet. I still poopoo this enchant. 15 defense is 15 avoidance rating but does help a lot of with uncritability. +6 stats comes out suprisingly strong in 3.0. It's worth 6.7 stamina, .24% dodge (about 4.5 avoidance rating), 7 str (14 AP), 4.5 BV, 2 spell power and some misc stats. So the conclusion is that +15 defense is the best survival enchant and +6 stats is an okay survival enchant but a pretty good threat enchant.
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Postby crabcrouton » Fri Oct 10, 2008 7:22 pm

Good points.

My personal philosophy is always Gem for Stam, Enchant for Def since Stam enchants are terrible relative to their +Def counterparts.

I'm gonna go with the +6 to stats for leveling however.
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