Glyphs, would someone post this in the beta forums?

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Glyphs, would someone post this in the beta forums?

Postby Amaliel » Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:12 am

Hi guys, in my opinion and I think others, the glyphs we have recieved initially is well...crap. There are no nice asthetic ones and most of em are very weak in terms of usage. I mean, save something around 1.2 silver for a friggin glyph? no way. Also, holy's glyphs seem to be pretty weak.

Here is my suggestions:

Glyph of Judgement: Increase damage by 10%
good enough, no change

Glyph of Lay of Hands: Recieve mana equal to amount 'healed' and regenerates an additional 20% on the target's mana OR Restores target mana and health by 100% of max, cannot be use on yourself
good enough, no change other than to merge the two

Glyph of Turn Evil; Instant Cast
no change

Glyph of Spiritual Atunement: Provides all party/raid members within 30meters x% of the mana gained
the idea of glyphs is to change things to a different style, you could always modify the range

Glyph of Consecration: The intial damage of consecration also applies a 3 sec snare.
having the snare constant would be a bit too powerful, but there has been some request for a means to slow down an enemy. Now personally I don't think it's needed, but this way it gives us one, but you have to already be on top of em to use it.

I basically wanted to change what used to be our 'top' talents to something new and different. Changeing the new stuff before we can use it doesn't sound like good fun

Glyph of Holy Shield: Blocks made with holy shield active heals the paladin for x% of the damage dealt by the holy shield.
I would suggest something around 30%. It wouldn't heal a hell of a lot, but over the course of a fight should add a little help

Glyph of Avenger's Shield: Increase damage by 100%, reduce target to one. Can be turned on and off.
just modified to allow us to turn it on and off through ether the ability or the glyph system.

Glyph of Holy Shock: Your holy shock ability heals the target for 50% of it's power initially and 50% over 12 seconds
Basically transfer over the flash of light buff to holy shock to make it a 'holy' glyph and allow the healers to keep using their flash

Glyph of Divine Illumination: While under the effects of divine illumination you regenerate 15% of your base mana over 5 seconds
just a base increase to the ability wouldn't be much fun, this would kind of spread out the mana mitigation

Glyph of Repentance: Targets armor is decreased by x while under the effect
Again, a base increase would be op in pvp. Now this would of course only allow one big blast of damage, but that seems to be what ret is all about.

Glyph of Crusader Strike: Applies an addition x% damage over 10 seconds.
A nice little burn effect to give crusader strike it's big oomph

Glyph of Auras: Your auras have a range of 45. Aura is always visible
We have no cosmetic glyph! This would add a badass factor and take care of our little range problem.

Glyph of Blessings: Your blessings last 30 mins when used on yourself
As the reagent costs less than a silver it is absurd to have the individual blessings pulled out as their own glyphs. Just combined it into an all in one bonus for those pvers

Glyph of Sacred shield: Increase damage absorbed by x
One of our new abilities,seemed like a good place for a minor glyph

Glyph of Redemption: Resurrects the target at full health
Minors seem like a place for convenience

Glyph of Hands: Increase time of all hands by 1 second.
This is the kinda place there should be a 1 second buff. 1 extra second isn't too much though so can stay as a minor

Glyph of Exorcism: Add silence effect
Nothing wrong here, but definitely should be minor

Glyph of Warhorse: Increases mounted speed by 20% Does not stack with other movement enhancing effects. Requires level:62
I'm so damn tired of changing out my auras

Please leave thoughts and opinions. If anyone would be so kind to post this in the beta forums it would be appreciated.
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Postby Sarkan-ZdC » Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:27 am

Just one thing. Blizzard stated they will review all Glyphes anyhow this or the comming week. So they are working on it right now.
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Postby ulushnar » Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:39 am

Right now I think they're being outfitted with special protective gear* to stave off the hordes of nerdragers at Blizzcon.

*aka Soap.
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Postby Selinaria » Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:44 am

Yea woudln't really surprise me if the number of blue posts was down sharply tomorrow for the reason Ulush posted and just general preparations. I pity the CMs who have to rotate in for shifts monitoring the forums while the others get to attend to Blizzcon.
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