Hydross - 2 Add Tank Resists

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Hydross - 2 Add Tank Resists

Postby dougmcdonald » Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:26 am

Hi All, quite logic check really here.

Me and a Druid tank are working on our resistance sets for Hydross, we already have MT's for each phase so I think initially at least we will be on 2 adds.

I'm aware that having some resist gear of each school is a good idea, but obviously don't want to gimp SD and Stam too much.

My plan was to use:

Auras (+70 Fr/Nr)
Icegaurd Helm + Fr Glyph (+70Fr)
Wildgaurd Chest + Nr armour kit (+68Nr)
Flask of chromatic wonder (+35Fr/Nr)

I think this should put me at 175Fr/173Nr

Other idea would be to make get the +28 epic Nr Ring and +30 Fr neck as well as the above to push both resistances > 200 by a little bit.

Would you guys advise more than the ~175 I'm aiming for? or should that be ok?
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Postby Dendrah » Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:31 am

You take one, the MT who is not tanking takes one the druid takes one and a lock banishes the last... No need for resistance.
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Postby Rónin » Wed Oct 08, 2008 8:16 am

I strongly advice you not to use banish on one of the adds, especially when you are still learning the fight. You want those adds down as soon as possible without losing too much DPS on Hydross in the meantime. The only way to do this is to lock all four of the elementals in the same place as Hydross (or at least in AoE range) and unleash all AoE spells onto them, while hitting Hydross with it as well. Aggro on OT's is mandatory for this, where Frost Nova and slowing traps will help you on the pick up/kill.

As for the resistance you will need: it's not mandatory to have any resistance for OT-ing, but resistance gear will decrease the risk of incidents such as aggro-ing all the adds alone and decrease the restrain on your healers. Especially on your first SSC raids, OT's will not handle all four of the adds, so the risk is very high to get killed in the progress, meaning you want to have some resistance. A flask of chromatic wonders plus a major resistance buff for school A, with 1 or 2 items of school B, will definitely be enough to ensure your duty, putting you close to 100 resistance for both schools.

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