Value of Agility for a Paladin Tank

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Postby Mavrix » Wed Sep 12, 2007 10:12 am

if you are still working on getting to uncrushable, you'd prob be better off with dodge gems rather than agil/stam . . . probably even def/stam gems would be a better choice for you
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Postby Demiblade » Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:07 am

Eneroth wrote:Hmm....

This thread is a great read, and has me thinking of dropping the armor enchant I have my cloak to add in the +Agi enchant on it. Also thinking of changing out some of my gems with the the 4 Agi & 6 Sta. This is also because at this point in time I am working hard on bringing up chances not to be crushed.

I won't recommend replacing +12 stm gem for anything else on your raid MT gear set unless socket bonus is really useful like T4 shoulders etc. Stacking block value, spell dmg, pure avoidance for the OT/AoE gear set is ok though. If you are having problems reaching 102.4% with 2 avoidance trinkets, it means your stage of gear progression is most probably going to need more HP to MT all Kara and Gruul. So plan to work on swapping in the right pieces/enchants instead to be uncrushable raid buffed without relying too much on gems. One tip is to get hold of Figure of the Colossus. It is "the" uncrushable piece right after heroic badge libram at a whoppin 4.06% to cover big holes of avoidance.

My discussion on agility is mainly for enchants and actual gear choices (necklace etc) when you start getting upgrades and more room to play around with stamina/threat/utility trinkets.

For cloak, I personally keep --

- Gilded Thorium Cloak with +120 armor enchant to use together with 1 avoidance trinket (I'm a big fan of armor and definite effective health.)
- Ironscale War Cloak (2.41% which is highest for uncrushability till u can get Phoenix-Wing Cloak) with +12 agi enchant to use when I'm desperate for 102.4% with 2 non-avoidance trinkets.
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