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Postby ehly » Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:51 pm

I think once people understand what they are doing you gain quite a bit of space to work around. I've gotten numerous bears so far with several different mixs of well skilled players. To keep our chances good we unfort for the rest of the guild narrow down who can step in.

Our run yestersday was one of our fastest almost exactly 5mins left on the timer. We had:

Paladin - Prot
Priest - Shadow
Priest - Holy
Druid - Restro
Warlock - Destro

Hunter - Marks
Hunter - BM
Paladin - Ret
Rogue - Combat
Druid - Feral

The BM hunter and Rogue are a couple of our additional people that help us out. Normally those spots are a 2nd Destro Lock and an Arcane Mage. We will sometimes also let some shamans fill in as well when we are short.
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Postby Fierro » Tue Sep 09, 2008 5:49 pm

For my bear run they had me tanking the lynx which i hated i like tanking the boss as a prot pally
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Postby Karador » Fri Sep 19, 2008 12:36 pm

For our group that has been farming mounts for a long time we use the following setup.

Group 1
Prot Pally - Me
Prot War
Enh Shaman
Surv Hunter / Ret Pally - These 2 switch up depending on who is online.
Fury War

Group 2
Resto Shaman
Holy Priest
Shadow Priest
Mage or another Warlock or Ele Shaman - depending on who is online

All T6 / Hyjal Geared except for the Prot War OT. He is hyjal / BT geared.

We usually finish with 5-11 minutes left on the timer and we waste 1-2 mins waiting on the person that is buying the mount to meet us on the way to the lynx boss trash pulls so we could do it with 6-13 mins left im guessing.

This group has farmed a ton of bears and is actually selling them now on our realm and sells one every 3 days for 9000g each :)

We do Eagle -> Bear -> Dragonhawk -> Lynx bosses.

I tank the Eagle boss and Warrior DPS's.

I tank the Troll form on bear boss and War tanks the Bear form.

Warrior tanks the Dragonhawk boss and I tank the first side of hatchlings as they spawn and then we let the other side hatch at once at 30% on the boss and just seed / AE / Fire Ele totem them down.

At first i tanked the Lynx boss and let the war pick up the spirit but i found that having the warrior tank the boss and me picking up the spirit allowed me to bubble on the last 25% to ease the healers from any Sabre Lash's that i blocked instead of dodge or Parry. you still take the split damage but you are immune to it so the healers get a few seconds of not having to heal you to make it a little easier on them.

TIP for picking up the lynx spirit.... If you are not 0/40/21 just watch the hp totals and when he hits the holy nova thing when the spirit spawns bounce a shield off him and it will tag the spirit also and allow you to keep him on you without ever really having to worry about him. After that the damage from your Consecrate alone will stick him to you.
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