Healing setup MH

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Healing setup MH

Postby Ornomus » Wed Sep 10, 2008 2:47 am


A few days ago we killed Archimonde. The problem is that we have done with a feral as MT, this decision was taken because the plate was too much damage and they often failed to cure.

which healers setup do you use in archimonde fight?

PD: Sorry for my english.
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Postby Katerina » Tue Sep 16, 2008 11:22 am

We normally had:

3 priests
2 trees
2 shammies
1 pally

1 feral druid
1 boomkin
2 mages

Two healers and one decurser in each group. MT group got two decursers since they had the most range for helping decurse the rest of the raid.

Honestly worried more about having enough decursers than worrying about healing. Learning the fight, we simply worked to survive for 6 min before anyone but the MT damaged him at all. Once we had 25 people alive at 6 min it only took a few attempts with people actually dpsing before he died. He honestly goes down really fast once the coordination part of the fight comes naturally.

Though it did take a few nights of wipes for all 25 people to not stand in the fire, get the hang of clicking their tears, decursing (really only our trees ever decursed much up until then), run away, stay together, etc....

Normally cleared the first four bosses with six healers, the subbed out the unneeded tanks for healers/decursers (depending on what we had available) for Archi.
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