A bit of a gap between reg and Heroics?

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Re: A bit of a gap between reg and Heroics?

Postby Voyd » Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:10 pm

Dariin wrote:I hit 70 about 4-5 days ago. I followed the uncrushability guide and made it my priority to get uncrittable and close to uncrushable (will be once I get libram). I've been stacking stam gems and all I need to do is get +12 stam to bracers and my spell power to weapon.

Regular instances are a cake walk. Some idiot pulls multiple groups, I can tank 7-8 mobs by myself no problem. I was a bit confident, then I stepped into heroic SP.

Now, I know SP as I ran it all the time on my mage. I know what hits hard, what should be focused and what fears, etc. First time I went in there with a druid healer with +1450 healing and he said I was too squishy. I never died, but it got close on a few pulls (mainly the 4 large lobster pulls). Second time I ran it I died twice, but the shaman was using rank 2 chain heal because he heard it was "more mana effective." After that he seamed to keep me up better, but I was still getting hit hard. Maybe we should have used some crowd control?

My question: Is there a huge gap between normal and heroic, and should I be feeling inadequate? What would you recommend I do, gear wise? Here is my armory -

http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... n&n=Dariin

I don't think it's updated since I did dailies, so my full set isn't there. Trust me, I don't take with an Oathkeeper :P

I'm 12.7k with kings, 12000 armor, 20% dodge, 16% parry, 22% block, 509 def. I typically use agility and armor pots.

you have pretty much the same stats as i do, yours are better. i tank heroic SP without a sweat, but i always choose my group to include 2 forms of CC for all the big pulls. still tho, some of those pulls are big and you end up tanking 2-3 at a time. i usually run with a massively geared healer but shes honest and she woulda told me if i was almost dying all the time. defenitely start bringing CC and it becomes all too easy
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Postby Frew » Thu Sep 18, 2008 3:30 pm

Thanks for the input everyone.

I've successfully tanked SP, Mech (no warlock), UB, Ramps and the first 1/2 of Kara by myself, no CC (except for a few shackles in the beginning of kara and moroes).

I'll keep adding to the list :P
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