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Postby Martie » Fri Sep 05, 2008 7:22 pm

Sounds like a plan, but in most situations, doing that would mean the tank has lost aggro and you took aggro. In that situation, ice block is far better.
(Apart from the fact that a frost mage really never should get aggro.)

I've played a 70 frost mage, and the only time that frost nova came in handy in an instance was when we accidentally pulled an extra group of mobs.
They were all melee mobs, so I ran forward, blinked into the mob and frost novaed. I ran off and started blizzard kiting them away from the rest of the group. When I was a good distance away, I kited em all back to the group. By that time, I had ran out of mana, but my group mates had finished the mob we were originally fighting, and though I died, I prevented a full wipe. (We could not have handled fighting them all at once.)

Seriously, the place of a mage in the group is as far behind the tank as possible while still sheeping. And that's not in frost nova range.
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Postby Wyleai » Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:46 pm

Frost Nova is an amazingly handy spell for solo grinding and PvP.

And that's where it belongs, and where it should be left. Check your frost nova at the door please...

That spell is a bane of tanks of just about any level and any class. If you think its rough dealing with it on a pally, try dealing with it on a warrior tank with a melee range only taunt... Unlike regular CC, the thing is very short lived, and by the time they break loose, they're going to aggro anything but what you want them on...
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