How do you tank mana snakes before curator?

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Postby Grigsby » Wed Sep 03, 2008 9:15 pm

What I have always done, is pretty much the same thing.

Ret Aura on -

Shield pull, Run into the hallway and Consecrate and Cleanse Tank.

I always run with an OT of some sort, Ret Pally, Feral Bear, Dps Warrior, something that can taunt, and give them the job of taunting when they blink.

What I also do as much as I can, is use the Belf Racial to silence all the wyrms around me. Generates extra aggro and shuts down the mana drains 8)
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Postby Dendrah » Wed Sep 03, 2008 10:47 pm

Maybe a stupid question but... As far as I know we have this immunity bubble.. I mean the big one... The annoying one with the huge cooldown... Yes I'm talking about Divine Protection. It also protects us from spells. Isn't that mana drain a spell? Couldn't we just bubble pul the whole lot? Build a nice bit of aggro on like all the groups and then go AoE crazy while keeping BoP and RD for any healer drawing aggro?
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Postby ldeboer » Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:01 pm

They dump agro and teleport usually to the healer is the problem.

While some have mana drain issues and your kind of trying to solve that issue the real problem is the raid not understanding how it works.

I never ever have mana problems with these but I make sure the raid understands they must kill the little mana siphoners and not target the big guy until no worms exist.

Understand the siphoners drain mana from you to put a mana shield around the big guy you are trying to kill. No siphoners no replenishing shield you cut thru it faster.

A mage, hunter, lock can take out a mana siphoner in 1 hit and infact before they get in range to siphon the raid. It's like the curator flares or vex adds in H-Mgt tab target the siphoners kill them even 1 or 2 down makes the job much easier and guess what you will have mana left to taunt the big guy when he teleports.
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Postby Grigsby » Thu Sep 04, 2008 3:24 pm

So a little bit of clarification - The Mana Wyrms drain our mana and pass it along to the big guy and re-inforce his mana shield? Because I always thought that the mana shield went up as soon as he got hit and it didn't get replenished at all -

Little clarification would be great, Thanks
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Postby ldeboer » Fri Sep 05, 2008 1:52 am

The key points wowwiki makes:


Mana Shield: 100% of all damage absorbed, mana drained equal to damage absorbed. Cannot be dispelled.

Paladins will find it near impossible to tank an Arcane Anomaly. The mana shield soaks all damage, meaning no holy damage taken and no threat generated. A paladin can hold aggro until the first teleport, but will be unable to regain it afterwards.

While the mana shield cannot be dispelled, Anomalies do not start with one. It is activated after aggroing the group

But assuming it is a real mana shield like a mages ( it will be the same for a warrior because it stops all physical damage as well. So on this thing you only have as much agro as you initially generate until it teleports and it appears that way. I think the issue with pally tanks is they run out of mana.

So after you pull it and it pops it's shield nothing you do will generate any more threat and actually attacking it you just use up your mana. So what do you do keep your shield block up to stops its 2K melee hits and turn your attention to the other things that actually will drain your mana

They have only 11K HP and are going to siphon your mana this is why having the mages, hunters etc target them specifically also helps you because they turn there siphoning focus onto others. A couple of shots from mages and hunters is all that is needed to kill these guys and keeps them off the healers.

Once you outgear the place I must say these guys are rather trivial and you just nuke them down but while I was gearing up they were problematic and we read up on them and the strat works much easier.

I think the difference with a warrior/druid is the 2K melee from anomoly feeds there rage and they have no mana to drain so these guys are easy and they have plenty of rage to taunt them back when they teleport.

For us everything about this encounter drains our mana ... but once I realized nothing after the initial pull generates agro and ran around killing the Syphoner's just leaving the anomoly on me it became alot easier and you have mana back for RD to get it off who it teleports too.

So in short all I do is get all other dps on anomoly and mages, locks and hunters onto the mana siphoners with me ... pull anomoly with shield and ignore.

All I can say is the tactic seems to make this alot easier for a pally tank.

Edit: I should say it appears from what we have noticed that the syphoners mana they siphon feeds into the mana shield because the slower we kill the siphoners the longer it takes to kill the anomoly but I have no actual evidence of it being the case other than anecdotal.
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Postby Amirya » Fri Sep 12, 2008 12:47 pm

It's my understanding that the big guys before Curator don't actually die until all of their mana is gone. At least, that seems to be the case.

However, an alternate strategy people haven't mentioned:

Melee kill the worms. Healers tank the big guy.

You rez the healers after the fight. :wink:

And my healers love me, too.

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Postby majiben » Fri Sep 12, 2008 6:59 pm

Use ret Aura, use JoW and SoW, cleanse, and if the big guys gets loose and if you have most of the Wyrms dead heal who ever is taking damage to get aggro back while you taunt is on CD.
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