Ready to Tank Gorefiend?

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Postby elfjorc » Wed Sep 03, 2008 6:39 pm

Snake-Aes wrote:
elfjorc wrote:Btw, SoR scales with weapon speed. So ... the +dmg on the Hammer is the better weapon in every way.
This specifically piece of information is, pretty much, false. SoR won't do more or less damage on a slower or faster weapon. It's DPS is always going to be the same. Damage will increase with a slower weapon? Yes, it will. But over time? It's all the same. Using a 2.0 weaopn with SoR will cause double the damage of using SoR with a 1.0 weapon... because the 1.0 one attacks twice as much.

BUT ANYWAYZ. Hammer of Judgment > Amani punisher.

Hmm, you were agreeing with me right, or did I say it wrong? I dunno, but what you were saying is exactly what I was trying to say about SoR >.>
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Postby Eanin » Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:00 am

I'm wondering the same thing, actually. I've been asked to tank Gorefiend on Saturday, and I've currently got:

16037 hps
18309 armor
61.11% avoidance

That's unbuffed. With buffs (I was thinking of a Flask of Blinding Light, Superior Wizard Oil and a Spicy Crawdad), it's higher.
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Postby retrofade » Thu Sep 25, 2008 5:52 pm

I've got the same question...

16,287 health
17,838 armor
54.73% avoidance ... &n=Cylonna

We're going for Gorefiend again tonight... our main problem last week, other than people having problems with constructs, was our DPS being threat-capped with two different warrior tanks. I didn't get to give it a shot, because the other tanks had a good amount more effective health than I did, but with my new boots off of Naj, I'm about equal with them now, so I'm wanting to give it a shot if possible... think my gear is ready for it?
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Postby Ozelot » Fri Sep 26, 2008 3:58 am

You both have about the same stats that I had when I tanked him for the first time. Now I usually lower them even further and go for full sp. dmg. to make the DPS happy (we have some great healers). It all depends on the number of healers we have with us for the fight. If you have the time in your rotations, feel free to help out with the cleansing. That way the healers can focus on healing you. :-D

The only hard thing is the loss of healers in the end of the fight and the lack of panic buttons. But you should be fine with those stats, especially if the DPS is good enough. Seal of Vengeance (if you can get the bloody stacks up...) is great in this fight and to boost it I time a Destruction Pots when I have 5 stacks and Avenging Wrath off CD.

Buff wise I have a resto shammie (WoA), Blinding light, sup. wiz oil and actually usually go for spell damage food. On that I use the normal buffs of Greater rune of warding/Greater rune of shielding (for the pull). At the end of the fight, I pop Ironshield potions/nightmare seed.
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Postby Vasilissa » Fri Sep 26, 2008 4:12 am

I tank him in my 'threat gear', which is 16500 hp, 49% avoidance nad 607 spelldmg (unbuffed).
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Postby Stilgarr » Fri Sep 26, 2008 4:58 am

Eanin, you have pretty much the same kit as me which has not changed much.
Tanked him on our 1st kill after the Warrior thought it was worth a s shot as he was RL at the time and could not really see what was going on.

Nightmare Seeds are very very handy here too, I did notice my health drop like a brick in the gap when HS falls off and goes back up. couple of the healers thought I actually died too lol.

Keep LoH ready if you see a huge drop too, better the healers over heal you than to have to start all over again.
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Postby Belarkan » Mon Sep 29, 2008 12:29 am

I'm a bit surprised about numbers announced on Teron.

We killed him for the first time last week and he didn't seem to be hitting that hard.
From T6 raids, I got the hyjal shield and mace and T6 gloves.
I wouldn't say I overgear Teron but he hits for around 7K and crushes for an average 12K (14K max).

I only used raid buffs, wizard oil and +30 sta food.

From the WWS, I had an average avoidance of 62%, got 5 crushes along the 7 tries (was more busy with my threat than my survival, I think I just got 1 crushes that I wouldn't have been able to avoid).

For gear/stats, I had my current armory gear ( ... n=Belarkan) but removed the vengeance cards in favor of alar's paladin trinket for more threat (which lead to ~15.6K health unbuff and didn't affect my avoidance).
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