How hard is the trash?

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Postby cap_x » Sun Aug 24, 2008 5:12 pm

I did a sunwell trash run over the weekend just gone. After 1 shotting mags/gruul with a decently geared group (mix of badge, t4, t5 gear).

We did it with 20 people. Myself as the MT and a druid OT. The large majority was ranged dps.

Only problem we had was the first bot, but after we realised just how damn hard it hit we had no issues farming the mobs on the left hand side.

I ended up scoring a sunmote, the new smelting recipe and a few gems/marks after 3.5 hours of solid farming. Had a few bits of gear drop too and a guild mate was lucky enough to got the eng plans for her new goggles.

Once we got into the swing of things, we were getting the trash down in 5 minutes or less. Noticed the smelting book dropped more than anything else. Ended up with 6 sunmotes.

All in all a damn good haul for a few hours work.
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