First time in MH. What to expect..

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First time in MH. What to expect..

Postby Doxa » Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:40 am

So Friday will be my first time in MH. It is a Leftovers run and I'm a bit nervous about it and want to do well. So, I was hoping some folks could give me some general advice on what to expect, things to do / not do, etc.

Here is my armory page: ... and&n=Doxa

So far, what I've picked up as being pretty important for paladin tanks:
1. Bring an extra shield.
2. Bring Free action pots.

So, some general questions I've got as well.
1. Should I be using BoS instead of kings if I'm forced to choose?
2. Flask of Fort vs. Flask of Blinding Light?
3. Should I be pulling with HW or with AV?
4. Ret aura or Devo?

Also, any good recommendations on videos to watch on this? I've been reading up on the fights but nothing replaces seeing 'em.

Thanks all! Maintankadin FTW!

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Postby ulushnar » Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:50 am

1. you should be doing that anyway.
2. I always use Blinding Light in Hyjal, but i never tank bosses there.
3. HW? AV?
4. I use Ret Aura, but I've got the T5 2pc, so it's lots of extra threat.
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Postby rabbel » Thu Aug 21, 2008 3:37 pm

1. I tend to use Kings over Sanctuary, the extra HP can sometimes save my life, as I tend to visit Ardent Defender land quite often in those Abo-waves. Most of the times however we have at least two Pallys, so I take both.

2. With some trigger happy warlocks in your back you really need Blinding Light. Use Fortification only if you desperatly need that 500 HP.

3. I always put myself behind our warrior and let him take the face aggro. This gives me enough time to throw out Holy Wrath, which will glue most of the mobs to my elven butt. Avengers Shield is quite useless there for me, as it only hits three mobs, and I need fast thread on as many as possible.

4. Ret Aura, hands down. That little bit of armor doesn't really outweigh the massive thread coming from Ret.
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Postby Mex » Fri Aug 22, 2008 6:13 am

The thing that helped me the most was to have a druid / warrior out front to take the initial agro. Timing HW to hit a good chunk of the mobs before they start bashing you is possible, but tricky. Then just start cycling consecration and holy shield. Melee pulling agro generally isn't a big deal, chain heals will bounce to them, they can stun, and warrior / druid tanks can taunt mobs off them. If a ranged pulls agro, use taunt, HoJ, judgement+exorcism to try and get it back. Worst case BoP them.

I never really did Hyjal enough to memorise the waves and work out when was the best time to use wings, so I generally just used it on cooldown.

The other thing is to make sure your other tanks know they need to be pulling their weight too. They should be taunting stuff off melee, peeling aboms off you, and later on tanking infernals.

I used blinding light but we only started using a prot pally after we got Illidan down, so our healers and DPS both outgeared the place significantly.
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Postby Doxa » Fri Aug 22, 2008 10:38 pm

So thanks all for the advice on Hyjal.

For my first time there I don't think I did a horrible job - except for one minor detail with major implications.

All the advice I got here was great. Free Action Potions were life-savers.

About 1/2 through the second boss I started getting whispers about aggro problems on the AoE groups. I checked everything out and all seemed well. I was running RF, Ret aura, BoS, used spell dmg food, Flask of BL, etc. I started thinking that, "Well, most of these folks are better geared than me.." Plus, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

It wasn't until the raid leader asked me what my consecration was ticking for that I started think that something was messed up. He asked, "Are you using max rank consecration?" Yep. I was, at least according to my action bar....

Well, quite awhile later I finally noticed that the rank 3 and rank 6 consecration got switched. Crap.

All was well after that.. except my raids money pouches which were a bit lighter than when we had entered.

Well.. maybe there will be a second attempt.

Thanks again for all the advice! Noob signature below..


BTW: You can disregard all my previous posts about threat issues. They are gone, even on bosses.
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