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Hyjal Pug...ftw?

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Hyjal Pug...ftw?

Postby Precio » Thu Aug 21, 2008 3:10 pm

So, got a Hyjal pug together today, we've tried it one time before. It was amazingly easy today. Took over an hour to get the group set up and when we did...omg :).

Here was what i did.

Consecrate in between the 2 castle-like things. Ran back, shielded, consecrated, walk back to the lady that helps and viola! Marked 2 Abominations, 1 for each war, and I took the rest. The other pally helped by aggroing some of the trash. When rage came, we killed him in 1 shot.

This was amazing. No idea that it was this easy or that the group was that good, as in attentive and shite*. I'd like to know the best group makeup for that, cuz we had like 9 mages/locks and it was pewpew ftw. So... any tips on trash/bosses in the later part of the instance, and what kinda groups would be needed and stuff. Mainly SSC/Tk geared raiders. How far can we go?

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Postby vutharic » Wed Aug 27, 2008 12:38 am

most bosses in hyjal are ridiculusly easy. almost seems like we dont deserve our t6.... hmmmm
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