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Postby Snake-Aes » Thu Aug 14, 2008 11:33 am

Worldie wrote:Honestly, once your raid can drop Brutallus, the next time you get into BT, you see bosses ASPLODING.
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Postby Tekkel » Fri Aug 15, 2008 5:17 am

Aye done 3.5 hours here. Requires no wipes ofcouse. Usually it's around 4 hours.
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Postby Mex » Fri Aug 15, 2008 8:05 am

Our best is generally a ~4 hour clear, with wipes on Illidan prolonging it (it's the only fight we ever really wipe on, generally due to people pulling agro / healer brainfarts on transitions). We have some close calls on BB if we get a lot of clothies fel raged, on gorefiend if the wrong person gets it, but nothing we can't recover from. Funnily enough Supremus is usually the biggest killer of raid members. We always one shot him, but for whatever reason, people can't run from volcanos, melee don't move out quick enough, and we always end up with 5-15 dead.

I think we could do it a lot faster, possibly hitting 3 hours (this week we killed brut with ~9 seconds on enrage, felmyst on the ground, and got our first twins kill with over 1.5 minutes left before enrage). But BT's sorta an "off-night". People use crappy or no consumables, we kill each other on mother trash, randomly AFK (although it's kinda frowned upon), etc etc. As long as it doesn't take us more than 4.5 hours to kill Illi most people aren't too upset. We take a decent sized break in the middle, and mostly just dish out offspec loot until we get to Illidan, with some rare exceptions (supremus neck, gorefiend cloak, for example. Poor rogues :().

In regards to BT speed runs, Theras made a post on his EJ blog on the subject. ... emple.html

There are also a coupla simple things we learnt from other guilds which really helped us shave time off our clears, such as only clearing half of Supremus' "room" (we used to clear the whole thing), and porting to the Ashtongue as soon as Supremus is dead, then clearing from there to Akama (makes it a lot quicker, just use BT neck to port out, zone in, and you can teleport up past half the trash).

I'm kinda curious as to how fast SWP could be cleared though. Someone told me 2 hours and I was slightly skeptical, although thinking about it ... I spose it could be possible ....

20 minutes Kalec trash
5 minutes buff, Kalec, loot
10 minutes Brut trash, buff, Brut, loot
10 minutes buff, Felmyst, loot
15 minutes gauntlet
5 minutes buff, twins, loot

I haven't been past Twins' room, and don't know how realistic some of those numbers are (we usually spend 40-60 minutes on Kalec trash, and 30 minutes on the gauntlet), but that's 65 minutes so far. If you could whatever trash there is between Twins and KJ in about ~30 minutes I think that'd leave enough time for the last two bosses.
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Postby Ketsurui » Thu Aug 21, 2008 11:49 am

mogarian wrote:btw skipping most of teron's trash speeds things up alot.

What other trash can be skipped prior to Teron? We skip the "outdoor" packs of blood mages, skeleton dudes, etc. (i.e. run along the left side and pick up little melee dudes only and engage prior to Teron's doors). Anything else?
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Postby TheNull » Thu Aug 21, 2008 2:34 pm

1hr 50 mins full clear. Not my guild. =)
From the guild Fusion

3x speed warlock PoV: ... einfo.html
4x speed mage PoV: ... einfo.html

They're sunwell geared and there are probably guilds that are capable of making faster times.
The videos make it entertaining to watch nonetheless.

Their strat:
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