Bear Run-ness Questions

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Bear Run-ness Questions

Postby Precio » Sat Aug 09, 2008 11:45 am

So, my guild was at the point to where we would start going for the 4th chest. My warrior OT quit wow, our Hunter Xferred, our druid healer quit, and our ele shaman cant dps now because we lack geared/experienced healers. So...we're ****** for a while...:)


1.) Our average time on boss kills for all of the bosses is bout 5 minutes. Do we need to shorten that to ~4 minutes for Teh Bear?

2.) On dragonhawk there are 2 ways to tank each side. 1 - Kill the hatcher after he spawns all the adds on the 1st side. 2 - Let the hatcher go to the other side after he hatches the 1st side and bubble on the way over to the other side.

With this I've noticed a significant decrease in the time taken to kill the boss if the 2nd method is used, however it is much harder to do because the outcome can vary alot because it depends on the dps, if the hatcher is slowed and such, so the birds may be out before I can get over there.

Basically is it worth the risk to do that, and is it NEEDED for bear runs when you first attempt them.

3.) After Dragonhawk do you guys take the raid through the pond on the way to lynx or do you just kill the Beastmaster & Gator pat?

Just want these answered for a little bit of guidance plz.
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Postby Epicfailguy » Sat Aug 09, 2008 2:35 pm

I forget how much time we kill each boss in. If you have over say 15 mins when you down dragonhawk then you can get a bear pretty easily.

We kill the hatcher after he spawns one side.

We go through the pond.
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Postby Seloei » Sat Aug 09, 2008 9:03 pm

You should aim for about 3-4 minutes per boss kill to give you ample time to maneuver, but 4.5 is close enough i presume to get the bear.

On dhawk, let one hatcher go pop stuff, dps stays on the boss until you call out the aoe. If you have 2 aoe classes, the hatcher will die inside of it. The ranged dps keep an eye on the hatcher incase he survives and kill him.
After that, stay on the boss all the time and let the 2 hatchers go pop stuff. If you have the dps, he will spawn all the adds at once while/just after the hatchers arrive.

frost trap/earthbind them to slow em and pick em all up and aoe down.

The 4. box is nothing more than a "perfect execution" of the instance, without making any mistakes on any of the 4 bosses and their trash and once you've got the beat down even a badge/kara geared guild can get it with 2 healers.
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Postby Kezia » Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:04 pm

On Dragonhawk, we hatch the left side, tanked by me in my aoe tanking gear, and kill the right hatcher. When they're dead, I bubble, run to the other side, and have shamans drop fire elementals. We finish off that site and the raid finishes off the boss. We generally have ~17 minutes on the way to Lynx.

We go through the croc pat, then pull the two beastmasters, and then I pull the first AOE lynx pack. Meanwhile, the feral druid runs and aggros the next two AOE lynx packs, and I taunt off whoever gets aggro on them as they run through my consecrate. No one dies, and it saves us about another 3-4 minutes (because I'll have max mana through all the damage I take).
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Postby Helenia » Wed Aug 13, 2008 12:19 am

This is a bit offtopic, but today in za, had a healer DC midway through bear boss, and we proceeded to get four chests with 10 minutes to spare with one healer -- a resto shaman.

Was definitely an amazing experience.
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Postby mazater » Wed Aug 13, 2008 12:32 am

This is just how we roll the dragonhawk boss, I don't know if it's a wise thing to do on your first bear run tries.

A paladin tank (me, surprise) tanks the boss AND all the adds at one side.

A fury warrior/feral dr00d, depeding on lineup, tanks all the adds at the other side.

We have a few dedicated people to pewpew down the hatchers before they hatch anything and we just burn the boss down to 30% or so when the adds hatch by themselves. Then we wtfpwn my sides adds first down and then the other side adds.

After the dragonhawk we move trough a window into a house, and then out of the house from another window, skipping a few packs on our way to the 4th boss, it's also possible to skip the crocodile patrol (just before the first aoe catpack) with water walking potions and whatnot, if you really need the extra minute.
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Postby Mex » Sat Aug 30, 2008 8:47 am

A geared resto shaman (mix of T6 and SWP loot) with a shadow priest can fairly easily solo heal the first four bosses, assuming equally geared tanks. Hexlord might be a bit iffy, but with the extra DPS spot freed up he shouldn't even get to do a second spirit bolts. I reckon ZJ could probably be solo healed as well, provided you had a prot/ret pally to BoP on Lynx phase and healthstones to help with grievous throws.

The key to solo healing is to really burn the bosses down fast. Feral druids are excellent here because their DPS when not tanking is still very high.

But yeah, back on topic ...

1) Try to shave time everywhere, not just on boss kills. As soon as a boss dies, people should loot it (group loot), then mount and ride to the next lot of trash. Every time I'm on a run, for some reason I always end up looking at the next trash pull for 10-15 seconds before everyone arrives.

2) We generally kill one hatcher, let the other hatch an entire side and then kill him and the birds, then wait for the next hatcher to spawn. On the last run though we just hatched the first side, then burnt him down so he blew up all the eggs on the other side before the second pair of hatchers came. It can be a nice way to shave time, but it's also riskier. You need to balance speed vs cautiousness when going for the bear.

3) We kill the crocs. You'd wanna have water walking if you decided to go through the pond.

Good communication with the tanks is absolutely critical too. You should basically never be in a position where you're attacking a mob that another tank is tanking. If you've got a feral druid and are confident in your gear, then it may be worth having the druid in cat form except for on bear / lynx / dhawk and just having you tank all the trash, but otherwise once there's only one mob left, the other tank should move to the next group, mark it, and pull it. If you're tanking everything, have someone else with assist mark the next pull when you're almost finished on the current one.

Full consumables on everyone helps a lot, and try to bring at least 20 mana pots, I go through 10-20 on a run quite easily.
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