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Postby Aranbenjo » Wed Jul 16, 2008 1:28 am

antiy4ho0 wrote:I do hawk adds slightly different:

JoB (Just for no resist chance) first one
Avenger Shield next 2 (Have to wait a little bit, usually I can time it where it hits the 2 coming and the one already on me
Taunt the next 3 (they'll all be on the same healer)

After that you're golden. It also helps to have a frost trap dropped at your feet.

Similar for me ...
1.Consecrate on the bridge before 1st egg is broken.
2.Stun the 1st hatchling (cannot miss)
3.step back at the beginning of the bridge popping wings. stuinned hatchling and AS
5.Consecrate the beginning of the bridge
7.taunt if it necessary
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Postby Mokko » Mon Jul 28, 2008 3:07 pm

nipherdil wrote:dont mean to steal post but

my guild was having a ton of trouble /w the dragon hawk boss over the weekend, we had enough wipes that ppl actually got fed up and left the raid and even the guild :shock: ( dont mind loseing those kind of ppl though)

some of the probs we had were ppl trying to avoid bombs and runing into fire walls, I was trying to run back after a tele to pick up the rest of the birds and ran into a fire wall >< and we were having issues /w positioning the boss for flame breathe.

so just a few questions

where should we position the boss? currently he is tanked in the upper left corner while the rest of us go to the right bridge. our tank says doing this will keep us from getting hit /w flame breath. A pug that we picked up after ppl left from wipes says that we are doing it wrong and he should be tanked in the middle?

should I stand on the bridge or just far enough off it that I dont get tele'd or hit by the fire wall? (thnk I read that only ppl on the bridge get tele'd?)

should we be hatching all the eggs? I can take the dmg but it seems like when we get tele'd there are alot of birds left? especially when we go to the other side to kill the 2nd half (seems we get tele'd quicker?)

just reread the post above me, should I we wait to aoe the birds till they are all hatched, I did notice birds getting by me; and Im thinking maybe if they wait for em all to hatch before aoeing then I would have enough arrgo that the brids will come find me after the tele?

When I run do the Dragonhawk boss I typically will run to the left side ontop of the eggs with the dps and my healer(s) leaving 1-2 people to kill the second hatcher, while the boss tank and his healer run to the oppisite platform to avoid his fire breath hitting us. We will open the entire side per set of hatchers. I just stay near the bridge opening when he teleports us so that the hawks have to pass through my concecrate to so that they stay on me.

We swtich sides for the second set of hatchers then after all hawks are dead focus on the boss.
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Postby Meliora » Mon Jul 28, 2008 7:05 pm

Yep, very close to what we do, Mok. Our OT will tank the boss with one healer and one dps until hatchers at which point the dps will kill the 2nd hatcher. THe remaining 7 people will run into the egg area and hatch a full side, dpsing some of it down until the teleport.

At this point we will hang out and dps boss until the hatchers reappear which will cause 8 raiders (minus the OT and one healer) to run into the 2nd egg area.

Take all the birds down, focus on boss, win :)
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