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Postby Aerien » Tue Jul 22, 2008 1:00 pm

PsiVen wrote:There's no reason to include judgements in threat rotation timings. It's off the GCD and should be mashed immediately every CD (assuming you don't need to save it for something).

AS might not even be worth using if it's still a normal GCD incurred on the .5 cast. It has easily the worst scaling of any threat ability and will definitely stay that way as an AoE daze. Furthermore it's impossible to time between autoattacks against more than one target, so it would never hit multiples without risking chain pushback and facepalm wipes. Believe me, a few mobs that hit hard and catch you casting for half a second will blow you up FAST. I almost died once on M'uru when I got sloppy with my pickup toss on a slow wave, and it led to an add getting loose and gibbing healers.

HoW could be interesting to work in though. If it's a threat intensive fight I would certainly try to weave it in there.

Honestly you can completely forget even smashing Judgement, cause if it doesn't have a CD like Warrior's Shield Block, you could tie it into pretty much everything else as a second /cast. In my threat rotation above, i just stuck it in with Holy Shield since they're sharing the same CD.

#showtooltip (Whatever has the longer CD).
/cast Holy Shield
/cast Judgement

And yes AS is stupidly expensive for 861 top damage with a .5 sec cast. I'd rather use the new rank of Consecration which will only use a GCD and won't be resisted at the same mana cost. HoW might be worth it, but watch out for enragers, they'll chew you up...but you know that.
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Postby PsiVen » Tue Jul 22, 2008 2:37 pm

Macroing judgement to everything is a bad idea for at least a couple reasons:

1. It's ranged snap aggro, you should really be paying attention to when you need to save the CD.

2. There are three judgement spells.

VVV - Theorycraft is one thing, but why would you change all your macros for tank and spank bosses just so you don't have to press an extra button?
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Postby Aerien » Tue Jul 22, 2008 3:12 pm

rotations are for tank and spank phases, for optimal threat...i hope you seriously dont think everyone follows that rotation perfectly for on the fly encounters? Plus, youd have taunt+shield of righteousness/hammer for backup.

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