Ability to tank Kaz'rogal

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Ability to tank Kaz'rogal

Postby Echaa » Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:23 am

My guild has been looking at possibly allowing myself and a few other tanks to trade off with our current MT to avoid any of us getting burn out and the main boss that came up as a problem for me was kaz'rogal.

Tonight my guild was short on dps for Gorefiend so I tanked him while or regular MT dpsed on his enh shaman. In my gearset I used for him I had 432 SD, 16.2k hp, 18k armor, and 30% dodge unbuffed. I tanked GF with no problem, although at one point during the attempts I noticed I had hit as low as 500 mana and would (should?) be taking similar levels of damage on Kaz'rogal as during GF. With that in addition to the marks would it be at all possible for me to tank KR or would he hit hard/fast enough to get my mana back up faster than the mark drains it?
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Postby jere » Mon Jul 21, 2008 6:45 am

I tank him roughly every week. This is one fight where having intellect on your gear is nice (as a safety buffer), so I tend to use Tier set gear and things like Belt of the Guardian and Boots of the Protector. You don't need the extra mana for threat per say, but for a buffer size to give yourself some room to play. My dodge in that gear is roughly 23-24%, which seems to be fine.

The main thing is bring both mana pots and dark runes to help cover your mana pool for when it gets low. I start with JotC for a threat lead, but eventually switch to JoW for safety. So far it has worked out great.

My general rule is not to let my mana sink below 4k early on. If it does I pop either a pot or a dark rune.

This strategy has worked for me so far.
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Postby Holyfuri » Mon Jul 21, 2008 7:38 am

I tanked him for a long time with similar gear to yourself. If you can get a spriest in your group you should remain at full mana practically the whole time.

Tiered gear or lower avoidance gear isn't a bad idea either.

This week I forgot to downgrade gear (tanked him with what my armory shows now), so I just convieniently left holy shield down most of the time, mana wasn't too much of an issue =)
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