Heroic Bot?

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Postby Frickit » Wed Jul 02, 2008 10:40 am

we down the first boss before adds spawn and the second boss usually is almost dead before his first tranquility. mobs melt like butter. ur dps was bad. otherwise this place is too easy...
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Postby ldeboer » Wed Jul 02, 2008 7:12 pm

Tiranknight wrote:The Stewards can really pack a wallop though if you don't watch out for their Spin attack... had a Rogue not paying attention once and got smacked hard... Thorngrin was the only semi-difficult Boss fight...

other than that collected 7 badges so I'm pretty satisfied. :lol:

LOL sorry I called them protectors above they pretty well one hit rogues think its like 8K hit on leather if you stay near them :)

Even after you tell them step back better 700 arcane hit than a 8K face smash the number of them that die ... but they are rogues so its all good :)
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Postby Blutreich » Wed Jul 02, 2008 7:16 pm

fire mage
afflict lock
ele shammy

make em all aoe hard...
instance becomes ez mode
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Postby Earthcorpse » Mon Jul 07, 2008 1:33 pm

Lookit wrote:
Dendrah wrote:try asking for hit instead of SD/AP.

Players who know they need hit are good players :) Even if they don't have hit.

Yeah, this is true. My rogue alt only has ~1600 unbuffed AP, which is pretty lackluster, but has 323 hit rating, which means that as a Combat Swords build I consistently out-dps "better geared" rogues. Bear in mind that non-dualwielders need *much* less hit to be fully effective.

Not exactly. Hit is amazing for rogues of course, but not so much for fury warriors. Once a fury warrior gets hitcapped for specials (9%), stacking AP and crit provides much more dps than hit. Obviously hit is still useful, but due to the way the RNG works for attacks, crit and AP will always be much more beneficial.
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Postby thegameah » Thu Jul 10, 2008 12:08 pm

Just did this dungeon yesterday in 50 minutes, a personal best with me.

I have two tanks, a druid and a paly. The druid was much easier to gear up, but the Paly is always my favorite, and he is starting to become a beast.

Yesterday I ran with my pocket healer priest, ele shammy, enh shammy, and mage. Very little CC used (occasional sheep tossed out on the hard hitters), but besides that AoE tanked everything.

From what I can tell, if things don't die fast, that is seldom the tank and healer's fault.
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Postby ZombieRitual » Thu Jul 10, 2008 5:32 pm

Chain pulling helps a lot.
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Postby Rofladin » Fri Jul 11, 2008 3:21 am

There are a few tough spots in Botanica, but by and large the mobs don't have a lot of HP and don't hit very hard at all. It's well suited for AoEing, but even focus fire shouldn't take very long.

The Bloodwarder Greenkeepers' nuke can do close to 3700 damage, and there are two in each pull. 7400 damage being spammed at you can hurt.

The Bloodwarder Stewards' Arcane Flurry needs to be stunned or otherwise interrupted. Hazardous for melee dps.

Bloodwarder Falconers can be stunned and nuked down before they send their pets on a squishy. If they do get a command off, either RD or BoP the kill target.

The big pulls with the Sunseeker Chemists and friends are hazardous to melee dps. The poison AoE is deadly. Make sure they're watching their own health. Mind Shock should probably be kept off your healer.

Sunseeker Channelers can be dangerous in pairs if they both Soul Channel the same target. Be sure to Cleanse it off or interrupt.

The Sunseeker Gene-Splicers cast Death and Decay, which hurts. Either interrupt it or move out of it. This is another place melee dps tends to eat it.

So all in all... Bot is not really dangerous for a tank. In my experience it's the inattentive dps who don't watch their health or where they're standing that die. The bosses are all so easy they don't bear mentioning. Thorngrin might be the only trouble spot... Just save Exorcism or Judgement for when he drops aggro.
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Postby Levantine » Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:18 am

PS I'm invariably the one that gets sacced on the Illhoof Jr fight.

Like, each and every time. :(

Why does everyone hate healers?
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Postby Snake-Aes » Fri Jul 11, 2008 6:29 am

Levantine wrote:PS I'm invariably the one that gets sacced on the Illhoof Jr fight.

Like, each and every time. :(

Why does everyone hate healers?
Because you make the bars go right
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Postby jere » Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:22 am

Levantine wrote:PS I'm invariably the one that gets sacced on the Illhoof Jr fight.

Like, each and every time. :(

Why does everyone hate healers?

Illhoof Jr. is a pvp'er
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Postby Fivelives » Sat Jul 12, 2008 6:11 pm

I won't do heroic bot without a shadow priest. It's like heroic mech and warlocks, I'll go out of my way to bring a lock there, and an spriest here.

MC is just such an amazing tool in here for both CC and DPS.
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Postby bloodybuddy » Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:41 am

Having run H Bot twice in the last week I can attest to the difference good CC/DPS can make. First group We wiped like 4 times b/c no one would pay attention to marks and CC well. Second time we full cleared in an hour with only 2 people total dying. The healers were close in both instances but knowledgable dps is really important with the sprinkling of healers there.
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Postby Ironia » Tue Jul 15, 2008 10:53 am

I have 4 manned this on heroic with pre-kara feral druid and pre-kara lock. I myself have pre-kara gear, and the healing priest was in ZA/Kara/Badge gear.

Granted the final boss took over 20 minutes, but we took him.

If your kill order was being followed and your dps wasn't asleep, you should have had no issues.
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Postby Cosmoz » Sat Jul 19, 2008 1:19 am

are we talking about HC bot for a pally tank? dangerous? hmm...
with blue gear? its prolly average, and with kara+ you can aoe the whole isntance without CC, and pull 1-3 groups a time.

botanica and hsattered halls is the nr1 pally tank heroics! nice big pulls, and we come out as nr1 dps usualy :P unless you got a good mage or lock with you.
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Postby Cosmoz » Sat Jul 19, 2008 1:20 am

aww double post :/
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