How many tanks does your guild use?

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Postby Garwin » Fri Aug 17, 2007 6:43 am

currently doing kara clears with 2x prot pallys 2x prot warrior and no bears

well maybe one thats an undergeared alt but definatly not a regular

(obviously for kara we're only takign in 1 pally and 1 warrior)
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Postby Galvar » Fri Aug 17, 2007 6:45 am

We run

1 Prot Pally
1 Feral Druid

This is for our main kara run that i MT in. The only thing i dont tank od Maiden because when we were learning it the druid tanked so i could use sacrafice and keep him healed and we just never switched to me tanking. The Feral Druid is a long time buddy of mine and when it comes to off tank i would rather have him then anyone else, my only complaint about him is he always taunts 1 mob off me when i pull 4-5 elites to AE them. We have a warrior for all the thunderclap and the shouts but he is fury arms and hates tanking so much he tanked 5 mans while leveling with DW.

Our second Kara run is
1 Prot Pally
1 Prot Warrior
1 Feral druid when needed

Our second group just started up and both the warrior and pally havent been on so im not sure who is going to be MT. I currently outgear the warrior and should outgear him for sometime so i should be our MT for all of Gruuls when we get there.
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Postby Bendekar » Fri Aug 17, 2007 8:04 am

We run
1 Prot Warrior
2 Prot Pallies
1 Feral Druid

Our Feral excels at either dps or tanking, generally prefers dps
Myself and our Prot warrior share MT duties, our other prot paladin offtanks trash but generally heals on boss fights.

We're currently looking for another solid prot warrior and possibly a feral as we look ahead to fights like A'lar.
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