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Postby Levantine » Thu Jul 10, 2008 12:42 am

So anyway, how hard is it for Warlocks to enslave Olm's felhunter and tank him with it? Seriously.

And also, is there any reason at all that a well geared bear should be going splat with TWO healers when he's helping to tank the warlock? (I think that's what he was doing, I'm not sure though. I was trying my hardest to help keep him alive while keeping my tank alive at the same time... tunnel vision ftl)
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Postby Seloei » Thu Jul 10, 2008 1:12 am

When your tanking the lock you get feared all over the place and he places a stacking debuff on you that does dot damage. You need a warlock to enslave/devour magic it to remove those stacks and tank Olm with the pet.

The warlock tanks will be running all around the room and have a very very hard time standing still most of the time. When i was still there quite often atleast one tank on Olm happened to get feared into the mages aoe and go *SPLAT*

Enslaving the pets are easy unless you have "oh what? i have to watch for dogs and enslave them also? i thought the other lock is doing that" warlocks who haven't got a clue how to raid yet.

Once we did him with 12 and a single lock + me tanked him, enslave the doggy use it to tank Olm (spamheal pet until next one is almost out, let it die, Olm tank takes a stack or two and keeps on running around. Next pet's up and rince'n'repeat)
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Postby Gnoma » Thu Jul 10, 2008 1:26 am

Levantine wrote:So anyway, how hard is it for Warlocks to enslave Olm's felhunter and tank him with it? Seriously.

Being myself a former warlock who has done this fight oh so many times i can say that is eazy as hell, the only thing that might delay that enslave is if i got knockbacked from the shaman aoe when I would be casting the enslave. Tell your warlock(s) to position themselfs beetween Olm and the rest, to prevent the felpuppy being out of range (they tend to run alot). Maybe theyr getting their enslaves resisted? Banish is good as panic button. Or maybe their just slacking, the timers from DBM/BW show when hes about to summon a puppy, and that purple summoning animation is well visible. There's no excuse really.

This macro helps a ton to target them, it targets the felpuppys when their not yet visible (about half a second), have them spam the macro as soon as olm starts casting.

/target Wild Fel Stalker
/cast Enslave
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Postby ulushnar » Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:15 am

The biggest problems for the actual tanks on the Warlocks is if they're lolcoiled into either the mage or shaman aoes.
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Postby Levantine » Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:24 am

I doubt that's what was happening. I'm kinda thinking that would have been a spike death when all four times the Druid died, I could see his health going down fairly steadily over about 10 seconds. Of course, I was assigned to the Paladin tanking the Priest who happened to also have a very capable Druid healing him, so I was free to ninja raid heal, since aparently there was no one assigned to that.

But yeah, once he got feared out of range, it was splat. Then of course, I was invariably the second to die, since I was topping the effective healing chart at the time, and none of the DPS was on his target. T.T
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Postby Rehlachs- » Thu Jul 10, 2008 3:06 am

i will stick to the main problems you had in this encounter.

- WL-tanks feared out of healers range and get killed:
first of all.. get these tanks a druid to heal them, since these guys are able to keep someone alive, even if they are moving. forthermore, tell your second WL-tank to taunt after the first one is hit by a death coil.. and vice versa. you can't taunt after each death coil, but if you keep on switching aggro, the WL won't run that far.. and depending on your positioning your tanks wont get feared to the Mage.

you don't need 2 healers for the Priest-tank. actually, you won't need a second healer even if a fury warrior or retribution paladin is tanking the priest. keep in mind, that this healer will be "free" after a few seconds for healing the raid or helping on the warlock.
there is not that much damage on the raid. aslong no one likes to stand in whirlinds or exploding mages.. there will be damage on your melees, when they are up to kill the shaman, but that shouldn't be a problem.
in your case i would have you heal at the priest and the druid would help at the warlock.

- Fel Puppies killing healers, blablabla, Warlocks are to slow in banishing/enslaving them:
I drew some pictures (actually, my english is not the best.. i guess a picture will say more than 1000 words indeed) showing the positioning of one of my former guilds. the artwork sucks, but you should get the point.

the warlock is tanked is tanked far away from the other adds, so your tanks can't get feared into Maulgar's whirlwind, the Shaman's whateverstomp or into the Mage's AoE. Depending on how many healers you use on the WL-tanks on this fight, your healers have to take notice their tanks' movements and move along, if they are out of range. they should stand were they are able to heal their tanks, even if these are feared all the time (a.k.a. standing in the middle of the room).

the fel pups will spawn near the warlock and will go straight for the healers. your warlocks should spread out to cover as much space as possible with their "banish range". they have to take of the pups by banishing or enslaving them. as someone else already mentioned, the fel puppies are able to dispell the DoT the Warlock places on your tanks and they are able to tank the Warlock on their own. so enslaving is much better than banishing, but at least you are able to banish if a second puppy is coming your way.
since these demons are quite big it's pretty easy to notice these guys. you know.. there are some dogs running around that are nearly as double as big as you are.. and your healers are crying for help. as far as i can remember there were boss warning for the dogs. it's almost impossible not to notice a dog next to you. targeting isn't a problem, either.. so your warlocks shouldn't have a problem at all doing their job on this. unless they are lazy fucks and don't want to spend their shards on enslaving.
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