Reg Mech

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Reg Mech

Postby Meatydog » Thu Jun 26, 2008 1:14 am

Hi yall. I was looking for some advice on tanking reg mech.

I ran a serch on here and found only H Mech but nothing about reg.

Ive ran bot about 4 times now and have everything i need from there. But in the Bot groups we always seem to have a problem with throngrin and splinter.

I have not been to mech yet and i was wanting to be better prepared than i was with bot.

The only real reason im running mech is to get the belt from the quest that gives you the arcatraz key.

If yall have any strats or general advice on how the pulls work, what the mobs are like, or just overall about the instance that would be great.
Thank you
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Postby Seloei » Thu Jun 26, 2008 3:23 am

Mechanar is pretty straightforward. The only boss which causes serious trouble is the fire wench.


At the start there are humanoids. Kill the nethermancer ASAP or she spawns 2 arcane guardians that aoe for a lot on normal mode. After that focus down the physician so he doesn't sleep the healer. Then take down the big guys.

After those are dead, choose a side and you will see 2 big "Drillers" and a small giblet + engineer. The giblet has to die fast from ranged nuking (low health) because if he reaches the group he aoes for a lot. Banish or nuke him, tank the rest. The drillers cause a debuff that reduces your armor by 20% so if you have low dps, it can be a problem.

Make sure to watch out for Mechanar Wreckers, they pound and disorient you making everyone near you go after someone else (often the healer). Either CC them, burn them before they reach you or have your trigger ready near DI/Cancle.

The first miniboss you reach on the right is a type where all melee has to run out when he raises his hammer, or you get a huge damage spike that is hard to heal. Loot the key from him for an extra blue.

The next boss (big robot) causes 2 auras, one reflects melee damage, the other reflects spell damage. Spellcasters stop on (red?) and melee on (green?). Been a while since i've been in normal one. And try not to get blown up by the bombs. But sometimes i just run in to blow up to get mana back.

After those are dead, back to start and up the other side. You can pull the second miniboss through a gap (the pillars when you go up the ramp, look for the right hand side gap). Just turn him away and hope the healers good enough with aoe healing.

Trash is the same until you reach astromancers, those have to be either cc'd or killed fast, since they knock you in the air and do high damage.

Watch out for the Destroyers, if they charge up it's going to mean a lot of incoming damage. DPS has to interupt the cast or if they miss it, stun them.

Once up, your near the fire wench. Dps has to spread out and ONLY if there is no fire elem near them dps the boss. Quite often it's better to skip him if you have retarded dps. Give her a try or two to see. Use fire resist aura and kite her around the room avoiding fire elems.

Next is a gauntlet of humanoids + destroyer + humanoids. Same tactic with dealing them and the final boss is a joke. Just aoe tank the adds he spawns.

If you are having problems with the healer going oom you can run down the lift to reset the gauntlet, and go back and kill the one/s you reseted by jumping down.

Hope it helps.
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Postby Meatydog » Thu Jun 26, 2008 3:50 am


In about a hour now im gonna go try to get me a group up for it.
Thank you again and also for the great detail.

Just got done runnin Mech and it was so awesome! Besides the fact that i had 2 people that was very well geared with me and they both have been through there many many times, we only wiped 2 times. 3 of us was unexperienced with everything in there. First wipe i had the first boss in the wrong position. i had him on the stairs with me. We redid that where he was down below and i was on the stairs and we won easily. After the 2nd real boss we wiped right before the calculator guy. something glitched or someting and my consecrate didnt pick up even 1 mob. and i watched them all run through it. and my taunts wouldnt taunt off the healer. so we wiped.
But once we rezd we cme back with a vengance and took the 4 mobs and didnt even stop to drink or heal just kept pressin
I got my avoidance up by amost 10% in tat one run too. it was supremely awesome. Jadeskull + belt from quest = awesome. And it saves me money. cause i dont gotta gem it. haha.

Thanks again for the info.
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Postby Kelaan » Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:01 am

Congrats! Esp since I know many groups seem to have a hard time with the fire lady. :)
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Postby ldeboer » Wed Jul 02, 2008 10:34 pm

Meatydog wrote:something glitched or someting and my consecrate didnt pick up even 1 mob. and i watched them all run through it. and my taunts wouldnt taunt off the healer. so we wiped.

Nothing glitched you got "sleeped" even though they were in consecrate you were asleep so you are ignored on the threat list and no you can't taunt when you are asleep :)
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Postby Malthorn » Thu Jul 03, 2008 5:29 am

Actually the part that Seloei describes makes you take the long way round. On the most speedy and easy runs I've had it was as follows:

In the first room clear the mobs in left half of the room and ignore the ones on the right. Then continue to clear the hallway (patrol) and the mobs standing there. Then clear the mobs standing on the part of the hallway that goes up.

Stay in that room and you should be able to pull the mini boss (look through the gap between the wall and the right most pillar) without pulling any adds. Kill him and move on by hugging the left wall and killing the mobs. !!! keep in mind that there's a patrol that moves up and down the stairs, kill him before going down the stairs"

1st boss
Continue on down the stairs and basically clear everything downstairs to clear a path to the first boss. Once everything is cleared have everyone in the party move back to the stairs, they fight from stairs whilst the tank stands to the side of the stairs tanking the boss.

After the fight continue to the spot the boss was walking around and wait for the second mini boss to walk a bit to the middle, you can then safely pulling him without any adds.

After this the rest of the instance is pretty straightforward. Go up the lift kill the fire lady and the main guy.
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