1st heroic

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1st heroic

Postby snoweagle » Mon Jun 30, 2008 5:51 am

So i was enroute to the aldor q-master to pick up the revered chest (that landed me at 490 def on the button :D ) when i get a whisper asking to tank heroic BM. I explained i was just about to pass 485 def and i hadnt done any heroics before just to flag my experience level right off the bat.

The guys (2 hunters a healadin and a warlock) didnt seem to have a problem as id done normal BM a few times so knew what to expect. I explained that id only ever gotten through before by AoE netting everything out of the portals, they expressed doubts. We go on ahead

So being a bit overexcited in AoE'ing for the aggro, the adds collected on me. Everything felt fine tho as i didnt drop below 90% health and had enough mana to keep on with the aggro. Then suddenly on about the 3rd or 4th portal healer goes oom, i die very quickly, and we semi-wipe & reset.

During the corpse run we decide i'll just judge the big'un and let the adds through for the hunter(s) to deal with and the others agree... but just then the healadin says "sorry guys this just isnt going to work, i've got more HP than the tank whe ive got tanking gear on, cya laters" At which point the group dissolves amicably....

So what i learned:

1: Listen to the guys with more exp
2: Watch the heaers mana like i do my health bar, cause theyre really the same thing.

The question i have really though is was it really a lost cause or did we all save ourselves a bunch of time???

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Postby VikrumthePally » Mon Jun 30, 2008 8:32 am

I hope not to dishearten you. But you guys for sure saved yourself some time. Heroics are different. Way different.

I would say you need between 1.5-2k more hp and your dodge/block/parry could use a lot more work too for BM heroic.

I will say just as others told me a few weeks ago If you want to try heroics start with the easier ones.

Just an FYI though. I had about 900 more hp and my avoidance was a good deal ahead of yours when I went into my first heroic.

It was very very hard. This is with a healer with 2k healing. Yes we did it with no CC and were able to pull it off. But that healer pretty much pulled us through the instance.

Keep your head up bud. You will get there.
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Postby Ghort » Mon Jun 30, 2008 8:37 am

My first heroic of UB... got pulled thru by one of our best geared shaman healers... got pulled thru with him on quite a few before i geared up, to be quite honest with ya. Helps that he's a RL friend tho. Cant see your stats at work tho. One thing you might want to do is read one of the posts about what the other people on here think the difficulty of the heroics are - so far I've found it to be pretty true. Also, if all else fails, take some CC in there to keep at least one mob off ya for a little bit.
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Postby ldeboer » Tue Jul 01, 2008 10:25 pm

You saved yourself some time and it's nothing to do with you it's gear.
H-BM is up there amongst the mid to hard instances.

If you had of got to the first boss you would have really seen what we meant.

The problem with this instance is alot of the damage is magical being arcane, shadow and frost as well as physical. Unless you had the absolutely perfect group and gear you cant mitigate everything so it's going to come down to armor and HP.
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Postby utena » Thu Jul 03, 2008 1:24 pm

Heroic BM is a pain, seriously.

What works for H BM isn't so much your gear, but rather having an SP in your party to regen mana.

Ideally, you, SP, resto druid (least mana problems), mage for adds, lock/hunter = profit.
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Postby Fivelives » Thu Jul 03, 2008 1:30 pm

I tanked my first heroic in greens (I still had about 3 or 4 "of the Champion" pieces). Heroic SP is easycakes. I still haven't touched any of the caverns of time instances - 3 badge instances don't appeal to me unless I can run them in less than 30 minutes.
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Postby Mordinm » Thu Jul 03, 2008 1:50 pm

Heroic BM is a pretty easy instance once you have the gear for it. The dps requirement is not near what it once was and by and large you can take your time to drink up and still not worry about having 2 portals ups.

The kicker is the last boss. I remember the first time I tanked heroic BM on my pally we crusied though the instance with relative ease till we got to the last boss. I just didn't have the stam and armor to stay up with a holy pally healing me. Maybe if you get a druid or even a priest it would work better. Holy pallies are the worst for that last fight simply because their instant heal is weak and they have no way short of a bubble to heal you though a time stop.
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Postby Shoju » Thu Jul 03, 2008 2:38 pm

OK, So, I've looked at your gear. and saw that you were buffed with the isle of QQ buff, and that's why your HP was so high. Originally, I was confuzzled why people were saying that you weren't ready for heroics. You have a couple of pieces that I'm still working towards, and I'm tanking heroics.

1.) get rid of the defense to chest. you don't need it. put 150HP on it.
2.) get fortitude to your bracers. it's 12 stam.
3.) if you can at that point deal with the -8 defense rating, regem your boots with 12 stam gems. If you respecc'd 48/13, you could put 12 stam on boots. Not a big deal, all about personal play style.
4.) do the quest line in Blades edge mountains to get Natasha's Battle Chain. (it starts with the felsworn gas mask. It's EASILY SOLOable). It's A SERIOUS upgrade in stamina, and will add some defense rating to help you get back some of the defense rating you have lost so far.
5.) Do the quest line that ends with "how to break into arcatraz" That belt is <AMAZING>. The avoidance that you get off of it is up there with epic quality gear. That belt alone gives you 3% avoidance. It will get you to the uncrush status that you need. Do the quest line that ends with downing Socrethar. the Lightwarden's Girdle is a quest reward from there. it's an AWESOME threat belt.
6.) Wind trader's Band. It's a quest reward from Netherstorm. You have to go to mana forge ara and see the foreman of the mine, and then go down the demon in the back. Great ring. you will lose a little stamina, but it's a tank ring, and will help you compensate for adding more stamina in other places.
7.) The Black Pearl lvl65 blue ring. Awesome threat ring for 5 mans. 33 stamina, and spell damage. It SCREAMS tankadin and lock. Hit up a JC to get this beast.
8.) try to find a trinket with stamina? I know, they are hard to come by. It's the single reason that I took ENG.
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Postby aardvark » Thu Jul 03, 2008 6:15 pm

Took a cursory glance at your gear, and you look to be in better shape than i was when i tanked heroic BM for the first time.
You probably would have done okay without aoe'ing the adds.

Ofc you might have gotten some new gear into your armory since the attempt, and thus my response could be outdated.
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