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Thehonage's Continues ZAAdventures: Hex Lord

Postby TheHonage » Sun Jun 29, 2008 7:48 pm

So, heres the deal. My guild, after much effort and practice, has managed to get the concept of Dragonhawk down no problem. We did Hex really as only an afterthought -- 2 attempts. The first attempt was a wipe at 100% -- messed up planning on the pull -- and the second a wipe at 62% with 2 adds dead, 2 well CC'd. Our priest and mage are keeping their own adds CC'd very well, and the damage I am taking is negligible to stuff my healers have got me through before (hitting for

2k, when the beskerkers hit for 3.5 and I've solo tanked both at once). The 62% was at 22 stacks of his damage increasement debuff. The last 36 seconds however he had lifebloom constantly on him and our 3 melee dps (well 2 and a cat druid OT) backed out to avoid the thorns. The Shaman didn't have the purge explained well beforehand and was understandabely confused. So I'm thinking his hp probobly didnt drop that phase or if it did it was barely. The lifebloom seems preety powerful. This seems like were dropping him slow, even considering this fact. Would anyone agree?

Also, other than druid is there anything we should watch out for really heavily? The mage seems fairly straightfoward to heal through (but I can see it stinking at high stacks immediately followed by sirit bolts)

Group Makeup (all stats unbuffed):

Tankadin (16 147 hp, the hero of our tale) -- Have'nt seen him stolen
Druid Tank/Cat form dps (15.6k hp) -- I hate druid hardcore

Resto Druid (1900+heals) -- I hate druid Hardcore
Resto Shaman (2k and change +heals) -- ZOMG TOTEMS (and cake)
Holy Priest (2k and change +heals) -- 5 interrupts O.o

3 Mages (900, 1100, 1000 +damage) -- wasnt bad at all unless we got unlucky
2 Rogues (1900, 1775 + a chunk of armor pen) -- tank can take the beating

So -- We seemed to be ok other than the dps question. One more question however, is it worth adding in some pvp gear? 4 Members of our group were 7.5k or lower hp, we are in decidedly "glass cannon" gear
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Postby Tekkel » Mon Jun 30, 2008 3:00 am

Aye I usually stack 9k hp when I do this on my alt mage. 2-3 pieces of pvp gear helps alot to make u more healable on spirit bolts. Especially when goes mage after and 1 shots you because of lack of HP.

Make sure you run concentration aura and put the healers in your group.
That alone helps quite a bit for them to get their heals out.

To kill the boss U need to have players that are aware of what do when he drains a specific class. Pretty much don't stand in any aoe effect. Interrupt any heals that are cast and spellsteal/purge any buffs off him.

You can't really afford more then 1 death later on in the fight and more then 1 heal going through. Otherwise your healers will be oom before the boss dies. Make sure your rogues are on top of kicking the heals and have your shammy/mages backup on it.
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Postby TheHonage » Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:44 pm

Our healers ooming isnt the issue btw. They have a LOT of mp5.
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Postby Snake-Aes » Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:56 pm

22 stacks...holy crap O.o

1: lifeblooms heal for 10k-ish when dispelled. You want a mage spellstealing it instead.
A mage is invaluable in this fight actually. Provides a good interrupt for when he's consecrating on our face, safely removes LBs and his soulsteal is laughable.

HLM himself is just about interrupting heals, stealing LBs and getting away when necessary. Add the sufficient DPS and you win.
You want your dpsers doing at least 800dps each on average, any less than that and you just won't survive the increasing stacks. Ideally you want all cooldowns burnt as soon as adds are dead and he starts being DPSed. Doing them later on nets less because the overall damage is already thinned.
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Postby Seloei » Tue Jul 01, 2008 1:14 am

22 stacks... unbelievable healers you've got there ^^

Means you wiped after trying to kill him for 22 minutes. Usually anything higher than 10 minutes means too high soul spirits.

You were dieing because the dps was not interupting any of his heals. Depends on which healers you are packing you should get an addon that allows you to manage who has which debuff and cleanse them ASAP so they don't take damage during the druid phases.

Otherwise, his just a learning fight where after you get down which phase does what and how to counter it, he becomes a joke.

PS. Try a full shaman raid one time and you can laugh off his soul steals. Just remember to hit the fire nova totem (~200 health)
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Postby TheHonage » Tue Jul 01, 2008 3:41 am


not 22 stacks as in 220%. In case you didnt notice he actually doesnt increase damage by 10% ever 40 seconds but increses by 1%s gradually 1 stack at a time over that 40 second period. it showed 22% increase. Silly me for not explaining
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Postby Rokh » Tue Jul 01, 2008 7:44 am

22 stacks is nothing, they actualy died very early.

He takes 1% from each group member, so every spirit bolt wave is a 10stack.

BUT here is the cool thing alot of people dont know

He only starts collecting the stacks once his HP is below 85-90%.

So, you can feel free to kill all the adds, and during that time his bolts dont get any biger.

(btw, if you havent had a paladin syphon yet.... lol)
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