Am I ready for Heroics?

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Postby Marker » Sat Jun 14, 2008 10:27 pm

Zulfiqar wrote:I have this same question, actually. I know my avoidance needs work, hence the running of heroics to get badges, but I figured 12.2K HP unbuffed and 501 defense rating would make heroics a lot easier than being at aprox. 11.7K HP unbuffed with a 487 defense rating and an uncrush at 90.5%. But we got slaughtered in Heroic SP last night. I know I need to start getting used to CC, and I do great when a mage is in the group, but a hunter trap always breaks since it gets trapped too close to the mobs I am taking. Is there a way to use a hunter trap and then pull the mobs further away before consecrating? The hunter knows what he is doing, so I am gonna say it is my problem that I need to fix. I can take on four mobs without dying, but the fury warrior I was with was giving me a hard time about my low avoidance ('course, I was out DPSing him, so whatever).

My gear.

Good hunters Trap far to one of the sides or way to the front/back if sides aren't possible. Depends on your faith with the hunter tbh. If hes crap I prefer to have it far to the front, so the mob at least needs to run through my consecrate to get to the healer. If he's good, i don't really mind since it doesnt matter, the mob kan be retrapped, kited, etc etc for a long time before the hunter needs help.

I also wouldn't mind the nagging on aviodance as long as the healer can safely keep you up, just means more mana return -> More threat... Throwing in a well-timed HoJ is almost as good as a CC in itself. Let the mobs pound you a wee bit, till your health is down, HoJ the hardest hitting mob and then the healer has some time to get you up again. Also, there's quite a few trinkets that helps for that: The heals from figurine of the colossus, the dodge form moroes pocketwatch, the armour fform some other I cant remember. It all gives less strain on the healer for a short period allowing them to refill your HP, and with 2xTrinkets + HoJ at least one should be of CD.
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Postby Neejo » Sun Jun 15, 2008 11:31 pm

I have the same prob zith my gf thats playing a hunter; we both know what we need to do but in certain specifique situations we have some issues (like in ramparts after the stairs).
Here is what we do then: either i pull and wait a sec till her target is out of my consecration radius or she puts her trap in front of me and i pull back
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Postby lytherious » Tue Jun 17, 2008 1:09 am

As a hunter and a prot paladin I might be able to give some insight.

to help your hunter with a quicker cleaner pull two things can be done from the get go.

First no salvation. Personally hunters feign death should be up enough to never need salvation

Second try to give the hunter the one target your not going to hit with your shield...granted this is hard but you can get a good guess which one your not going to hit if the group is four in a row and you target the furthest to the left...the furthest right would be your trap target.

Thats about all you can do for the hunter

the hunter can help you out by having their trap down before you pull (something that should be done for chain trapping anyhow) this gives you an idea where they plan on going...give yourself some room from their trap because it does have a pretty nice radius of the area it effects....sometimes they end up closer to you than you would expect.

The other option is once they are on you...HoJ the mob...move your pack back out of range and let the hunter sneak in and place the trap right underneath the stunned target. Shouldn't have to resort to that but it does work.
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Postby Mishdorf » Tue Jun 17, 2008 6:39 am

PUG hunters can be dicey at best. But a good hunter is worth a million bucks.

I once ran a PUG where I had a t6 healer and his t6 hunter friend along. I had to consciously remember in that fight to NOT taunt off him because he was so good at his job and had such a good eye for sizing up the situation that you just knew that he would do his job.

I was later told that he was the most geared and probably the most talented hunter on the server and I'd believe it. He was able to defuse potentially disasterous situations before they happened.

However on the other hand, scrub hunters can ruin otherwise great runs. Pulling aggro off you because they don't FD, not knowing how to MD, sending pets at the wrong target and waking up other groups and other stupid things can really ruin a group.

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Postby Meatydog » Fri Jun 20, 2008 11:38 pm

Growl.... tahts all i have to say about the tard hunters... they do it all the time to me which is annoying as hell.
Then their pet gets 3 mobs on it and dies. then the hunter is in a pickle. Doesnt fd, just keeps shooting so the then i hgotta run back to the hunter throw a consecrate down, then RD the tard, then take care of what i was doing in the first place.

And then you have the hunters that just run away once they get aggro.... happened to me today in shattered halls. not sure if he was wasted or high, but he had growl on, and was never attacking the main target... ever.
And somehow he aggroed half the room so he started running away from the instance. so i let him die. He wasnt doing that great of DPS anyways. Id rather let him die than some caster pull aggro off me cause im chasin him down and then getting hit in the back by 5or 6 mobs and the healer spammin.

On my server. i have gotten into the realization that 90% of hunters are retards. Especially the ones that try to tank while everyone is drinkin or eating. then they wipe the entire group.
then its a simple kick and we are back on track.
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Postby Jokaa » Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:50 pm

OK. So last night I got myself ready to run some heroics since I need badges for the libram.

30 minutes later I was suprised and quite frustrated that I'd gotten two tells from two different persons that my gear was not "good enough for heroics".

Now, I wanna know what you guys think ... ale&n=Rhef
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Postby econ21 » Fri Jun 27, 2008 5:06 am

Jokaa, this site:

says you are ready. But be aware in PUGs you are rubbing shoulders with raid-level equipped people who want some quick badges and require much higher levels of gear than the minimum. To be honest, I would not be deterred by such vets, as their impatience might mean you would not enjoy running with them if you got the chance (although you probably would learn from the experience).

I think you are equipped with the kind of gear designed to get you uncrushable (you will be within an ace of being so once you do get your libram). It includes the starter pre-Kara items on the stickies in the gear thread and is not bad at all for attaining uncrushability. But for heroics, it is better to emphasise effective health - stamina and armour. Both of those for you seem rather low.

I was in a similar position a few weeks back and devoted my time to bulking up my effective heath, reaching 13.5k health unbuffed and 15k+ armour without raids, badges etc. My uncrushability, by contrast, remains no better than yours. Some of the early available purples can help - the crafted belt of the protector, green fortress bracers, helm of stalwart defender. Get the mats and tip a BS a few gold. A few key PvP bits of gear are good too - the shield wall and bracers (+weapon, for SD not EH, ofc). Gem and enchant for stamina. Some stamina trinkets are available, but take a grind (Netherwing trinket; Darkmoon Card Vengance). Some SSO reputation items are decent - the shields, neck, helm enchant.

According to imba, you could also get some extra mileage by enchanting all your items and replacing cheap gems.

If I were you, I would run SSO dailies to get the money to gear up to at least 12k+ hp. In the process, the SSO supplies from the dailies would probably net you a not inconsiderable number of badges towards your needed 15.

But you could probably find a PUG for some of the easier heroics, especially if they are dailies, and do fine - providing your party was up to the job. Tanks are usually sought after on LFG.
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Postby drizzy » Fri Jun 27, 2008 2:03 pm

Armour armour armour. Even going from the sha'tar rep shield to MGSWall I noticed a pretty big difference in my ability to multitank heroic mobs. So I guess I'm saying increase your effective health rather than worry about avoidance, kinda.
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Postby Jokaa » Sat Jul 05, 2008 11:58 pm

Thanks for the tips! :)
Yesterday I ran my first heroics - SP, UB, SV - With this gear:

I was able to do both UB and SV without any cc and no wipes :) Healer claimed he had no problems keeping me up, but I thought it was kinda close on some of the packs in SV with multiple casters.

EDIT: Yes, It's still 'Rhef' from my previous post... I transferred and renamed him.
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Postby davidred » Sun Jul 06, 2008 6:27 pm

Nicely done, smashing through that first heroic is a great feeling :)

You also only need 485 defense for heroics (level 72 mobs) so you could swap out some of the defense gear for pure stam if you want to try and get a bit more unbuffed HP.

Also try out ramps with some CC for the casters as I found that easier than SP & SV.
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