+500 spell on Void Reaver?

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Postby Galrond » Thu Jun 26, 2008 8:20 am

I run with over 600 sd in my tank group after flask of blinding light, divine spirit, and spelldamage food.

If I'm terribly lucky I can get them to let the paladin tanks in with a shaman and our ret. But mostly we don't need to gimp our overall dps by sticking our tanks in the melee group.

Last time i did him i had 641 sd (860 after JotC, 950 for righteousness) (this was including the seasonal +sd consumable though). I forsook uncrushability and used the +holy dmg cape from kara and the JoR/SoR badge libram, and just swapped in a def trinket for uncrittable. Held aggro through most of the fight-- my WWS of the fight shows me as generating about 50% more threat than the second tank, a warrior. And I don't need to beg them to let me tank first. I just throw my shield before the other tanks get there.

I do the same thing on Leo. The difference being, VR hits like a girl who throws out orbs, and Leo hits like a girl who throws out whirlwinds. Either way, I'm not in any particular danger from their crushes as long as my healers are awake.
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Postby Talmus » Tue Jul 08, 2008 7:27 am

Our raid only got him down to 72% but I held him about 95% of the time on our 4 attempts with about 350 buffed SD. Our raid leader actually mentioned that Pallies rely on taking damage to generate threat and let me lead off which, as people have mentioned, makes a big difference. Only time I lost agro for a significant amount of time was when I took a 3rd knockback (after reading this I'm going to stack dodge next time!). That time I tried my wings/as/max cons/jor all in a row to no avail...chugged a pot and after another 30 seconds or so #1 on the agro list got a knockback and I was in the lead the rest of the time.
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