Tanking Birds on Way to Akil'zon Running Oom

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Postby Lore » Thu Jun 26, 2008 7:49 am

I pull the next pack when the wind walker from the previous one is at 30%.

Usually have almost all of the protectors still up when we get to the tempest.
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Postby Playdoh » Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:54 pm

we do this a little different.

Only when the feral druid doesn't show up do I get to tank it, I am usually the 3rd healer holy spec.

So the AoE can come in on the birds quicker, I give BoSaC to the warrior and Concecrate the birds, once I started doing that I have had absolutely no mana issues.

And I follow the warrior up. I pick up the birds and the feral druid picks up the guys at the bottom.

When I was tanking, since the warrior knew the pulls better he went 1st. After the 2nd time I told him I wasn't taking enough damage to keep my mana up, let me go 1st.

That's what we did the 3rd time I tanked it. So I think the key to the pally tanking is to go 1st. You know when you are taking enough dmg to keep your mana up. So you control how much you pull.

If you don't go 1st maybe BoSac on the tank going 1st will help.

The tank isn't going to be too upset about not having one pally buff on the trash to the eagle boss.
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