Full Clear FTW?

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Full Clear FTW?

Postby Precio » Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:20 pm

Thursday, I started a ZA run with my guild. We started at Bear boss, got the first chest, then moved to Bird boss, and got the second chest. We had about 15 minutes remaining. Then we moved to Dragonhawk. We had quite a few deaths but got through it eventually. Then we made it to the boss. We then advanced to the Lynx, got through the trash at a slow pace once again (a few deaths). So we one shotted all the bosses.

Animal Bosses downed in ~2 Hours.

Then we got to Hexlord. Took us 3 tries to down him. Before that night, I had been tanking while the Warrior OT dpsed. I decided that I would have to step off of my throne to help out the raid. So I off-healed while the warrior tanked. Being the raid leader, before I had tried to tank and call out phases, and call out "10 seconds until spirit bolts!" to our druid. Let me tell you, that shit didn't work. That's 4 things at the same time, everyone knows men can't multitask like that. So...anyway, taking the position of the off-healer helped me out a ton, and gave me a bit more concentration on the fight.

Then onto Zul'Jin. Took us about 10 tries. It was very very late the first night we tried him. We tried 7 times...I think, maybe less. The next night we downed him in 3 tries. We had no druid, so what we did during the tornader phase was (since we had 4 healers and 4 ranged dps, we put 1 healer and 1 dps on each wall. Anway, we did it.

So here are some questions.

Question 1, to get the third chest, should we go Bird first?
Question 2, is 15 minutes enough to get the third chest?
Question 3, any tips for getting more than 2 chests?
Question 4, any tips on hexlord or zuljin?

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Postby fuzzygeek » Mon Jun 23, 2008 10:19 pm

1. The optimal path is Eagle -> Bear -> Dhawk -> Lynx.

2. Yes, depending on how good your raid is.

3. Moar DPS, fewer healers. 4 Healers is kind of extreme. 3 healers should be plenty while you're learning the place, unless your raid is barely geared enough for the place.

4. Some cursory bits of SR goes a long way for HLM. Druids and Priests as your healers make this fight much easier. CC as many adds as you can, and kill 2-3 of them before starting DPS on HLM. If HLM goes Paladin, move him in a 4 square pattern, and make sure your DPS knows where you'll be moving him. Adding predictability to this fight is good.

Zuljin is just an annoying stupid encounter; taking casting DPS completely out of the picture for a phase is dumb. Judge Light on the tornado phase to help out a bit. Dropping totems doesn't trigger zaps, so windfury is good. Even wanding helps.

You should have a mod like Deadly Boss Mod doing the calling out warnings; if you don't have the mental bandwidth to spare, assign someone to read out warnings. If you have a female in the raid who can, use her -- studies have been done that demonstrate that people (men and women) pay more attention to female voices than male voices. I did this back on Maexxna when people were being dumb. It worked.
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Postby 2ndNin » Tue Jun 24, 2008 3:26 am

Zul'jin is a nightmare.

Phase 3, the tornados can and will follow your healers, seems to be a lot more multiple bounce issues recently as well (bounce, hit, bounce hit, bounce hit... umm heal please) and thats not on the walls. 2 Hunters and a good melee is pretty important for this (can be done otherwise, have gotten through it with only casters... and actually dpsing :P), blow heroisms at abotu 63% and nuke hard till the tornados appear, its free dps, throw caster cooldowns etc, just push through this phase fast.

Phase 4, is potentially tricky, there does seem to be a trick with blessing of taking damage for others, as well as bubbling people through it, but sometimes its just iffy, you need at least 2 healers up for this, and preferably 1 not a prot pally wearing healing gear :P.

Phase 5, easy trick to this, tank should watch what he is standing on, others should cast, move, cast move. Ok it doesn't stop the flame pillars (which tbh do seem to target people that stand still more, but thats probably a perceptive effect), but it means you rarely get caught as you are constantly moving, 1% wipes are pretty common here, trick is to watch and move, its not actually a hard phase just the pillar damage is high compared to reaction times.
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