Seal of Blood throw-down

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Do you use Seal of Blood, like, ever?

I use it as my primary tanking Seal
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Seal of Blood throw-down

Postby qwyn » Sun Aug 12, 2007 7:19 pm

Look, there is a lot of information and mis-information about the most controversial pally spell since the bubble. I want all the best minds and most meticulous testers to get this thing sorted out to answer the most basic - but not by any means not the easiest - questions about Seal of Blood: is this to be used at all? what is reasonable gear to expect performance? and what situations are its effects maximized?

To cut through the basics and straight to the meat, here's the common pros/cons to get them out of the way:

Cons(first since most consider the spell worthless):
1. you take damage for using it
2. its hits less than Seal of Righteousness on most occasions
3. gear to make SoB hit harder than SoR eats up item budget with str/agi/AP
4. only spell to factor in armor (*I am assuming since its based off of white damage, but I need conformation or correction on this, if available*)

1. extra damage allows for more mana regen through spiritual attunement
2. can hit harder than SoR under right conditions
3. makes all that "warrior" gear and Sun Eater that you picked up look tempting for a change (or opens them up as legitimate upgrades, as you no longer have to rely on spell dmg for threat)
4. since a spell based on physical mechanics, crits always do double damage (vice 1.5x-2x spell crits have), and swings have a chance to crit as well

*5* (and this is the big one that could tip the scales towards SoB, but I need someone to figure out if this is true or not)
I have heard that the spell damage portion of SoB has its own chance to proc Judgment of Light and Judgment of Wisdom, effectively doubling the effectiveness of each.

This makes sense to me because the game calculates a separate roll for the SoB portion of the swing to see what % damage it does, crit chance, etc. while SoR is a flat damage added on based on weapon speed and spell dmg. However, its hard to tell in practice if I'm getting extra procs or not.

Background: My SoB hits from 66-98 (578 AP) -but with added benifits from crits and increased white damage- while my SoR hits for 83-84 consistently (173 dmg)

Think that covers the overview... if I need to be clearer or you need more info just ask. Please have at it and discuss, I would love to hear how to make this spell work for us and have another tool in our arsenal, or if we should truly leave it alone and QQ some more about Seal of Vengeance. (and yes i like parenthesis)
if im holy specced its because i havent had time to clean the blood of my enemies off my arena gear yet
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Postby Lore » Sun Aug 12, 2007 7:50 pm

There is a thread about this in the advanced training forums I believe. It was originally a guide written by me, but some of the information is no longer accurate (and is noted as such). The discussion throughout the thread should have the information you're looking for =)

EDIT: Link here: ... .php?t=159
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Postby kvark » Sun Aug 12, 2007 11:30 pm

big con : breaks CC :) Use this seal when tanking moroes, you'll never look back.
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Postby qwyn » Mon Aug 13, 2007 2:45 am

and here i thought i was being so original =P

thanks for point pointing the direction, lore
if im holy specced its because i havent had time to clean the blood of my enemies off my arena gear yet
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