gruuls lair

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gruuls lair

Postby ari » Sun Aug 12, 2007 9:59 pm

k so i got my tier 4 shoulders last night, yay! and the guild is now having a few goes at gruul - im the opening tank then we have two warriors that get MD'd to stay 2/3 for when/if i die.

i think we have the gruul strategy sorted; just a matter of executing it now; but having trouble and feeling a little crappy about dealing with the trash there - i know its only a couple of pulls; but been annoying me thought id run it by you lot :)

our strat is to have the mobs tanked singly but with off tanks in the main group away from the boss so as to taunt them when they break towards the dps (from charge or fear) and bring them back to position; with the other tank going back into the raid grp to taunt and bring back the next time they break.

half the time im doing this my taunt simply doesnt seem to work; the mob changes target too quickly and the taunt isnt effective; or a hunter feigns just as i taunt etc etc then its a looong wait till i have my taunt up and inevitably warriors seem to have much more luck with picking them up.

ive tried waiting a bit till the mob definitely targets someone before taunting; tried spam taunting as soon as they break... but cant seem to find a reliable way to be effective here.

any pro tips?

its nothing major, only rarely will we lose someone, but its been annoying me no end :D
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Postby Teah » Mon Aug 13, 2007 7:07 am

The brutes drop threat after they charge this makes them a hassle. Generally I stand in the group in case they charge but heres an interesting tidbit.

The charge is 8-30 yard range. So you can put all your casters at max range and all your melee in and nobody will get charged. As long as everyone is at 31 yards or less then 8. What will happen is they will turn and try to charge but the person will be out of range or too close. Since they cant charge they cant drop threat.. problem solved.

Have a warrior tank the priests. :x
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Postby Lore » Mon Aug 13, 2007 8:09 am

Teah wrote:Have a warrior tank the priests. :x

Eh, warriors can't really break those fears any better than we can. It's an instant cast with no real announcement so they don't have any way of knowing when to stance dance. I suppose they could just sit there in berserker, but that's just silly.

We just have an extra tank standing back ready to taunt if the tank gets feared.
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Postby TokenElf » Thu Aug 16, 2007 11:29 am

Tremor totem.

Shaman are your friends, now.
Use the thing they got going for them that occasionally works.
The pulse sucks on it, but hopefully you will still be in range when it does and so able to get their attention again.
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