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Postby agamemnoch » Fri Jun 06, 2008 7:51 am


I ran OHB again since the upgrade and "Damn." I died once because I was fooling around and really sloppy. I sat down and kept sitting down till the healer actually healed me, and then I got repeatedly scattered and took a dirt nap.

After that, I switched to my AoE set and told the DPS (level 66-68s) to "just focus on the ranged guys" and we blasted through there. I still sat a lot, but when you are crit for 800, it doesn't so much for the mana regen. I spent almost as much time drinking as I did fighting. I was ready to do this in my healing set, just for the regen.

My guild had an issue last night so we did not do any runs. They had to kick somebody and their brother is still in the guild so it was weird and akward.

At this point, I think I am just gonna see what my options are. I could probably afford to slap a nethercleft on the TWL till I got the 2.4s, and meanwhile get the 2.3 chest; I don't know....
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Postby Meatydog » Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:09 am

Just to throw this out there. if you are less than 8k rep away from revered. Go do the quest in BM.
Not only do you get rep for killin the little people and the bosses, but when you turn in the quest at the dude that gives you the chronos thingy, you get rep.
then you finish the quest by turning it in to the little kid. That gives you 8k rep right there just on that last turn in.
I didnt pay attention to the others.

But saying that you just hit honored. That means you need 12k rep. to get revered. So that could be 1 BM run and 4 durn runs. No time at all.
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Postby Talmus » Fri Jun 20, 2008 6:48 am

For Old Hillsbrad I had all sorts of mana problems until I slapped on my armor that gives me 10khp, 390 defense, and 12.5k'ish armor. In that gear my healer only made me sweat a couple of times and since I had around 8k mana (when I normally have just over 4k unbuffed) and around 75 unbuffed mp5 casting I was able to maintain mana a lot better. I wouldn't try this with a non-70 healer but if your healer is on your toes it'll work fine. I'm actually going to miss having that option when I get to the point that all my spell damage gear is purple instead of having a smattering of quest reward greens in there as well.

That gear set will work on BM as well if you've got a REALLY sharp healer. I was in a PuG that WAY overgeared the zone and was going mana starved almost immediately every pull. I went from my 'tank avoidance' to my 'tank dps' set and was still hurting...finally after about 4 or 5 waves of struggling I slapped on my 'raid dps' set that tosses all mitigation out the door for pure damage and we destroyed the place. I put a considerable strain on the healer during the final boss fight but he never let me dip below 2khp (not bad considering I only had 9500).
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