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Dragonhawk Trash

Postby Brenne » Tue Jun 03, 2008 9:02 am


I am running a ZA group and so far our best showing has been beating Bear and Eagle timers, and getting all four animal bosses in one evening. I can do the Bear/Eagle trash in my sleep (and sometimes do-- lol), but the Dragonhawk trash is kicking our asses. Sometimes it goes smooth, if not fast, and sometimes it goes south quickly. I'd appreciate some input.

Our biggest problem (I think) is what to do with the flamecasters. Especially if there are two. Mage cannot simultaneously chain sheep and spell steal. MC has been inconsistently successful. But the run is tough in general as well--

We are all T4 and BoJ geared, and our guild is just now working on SSC and TK for our T5. Some of us have some ZA gear now as well (shield just dropped for me last night!). I know we are "undergeared" but we have good players and a lot of commitment and excitement for the run. I'd like to be able to take the group to three chests at least, and to the Hex Lord.

Our group: Prot war, tankadin (me), mage, hunter, rogue, either hunter/lock, Spriest, Holy priest, resto druid and either second holy priest/holy pally. I don't have a shammy who can come on our runs, which I know would help. Also, we can't do away with a healer yet, as we aren't geared well enough to survive with two. We are a regular group, and I try not to sub more than 1 person in on any night.

My armory (if necessary): http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com/chara ... a&n=Brenne

Thanks! Brenne
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Postby jere » Tue Jun 03, 2008 9:22 am

Some tips:

1. Don't worry about chain sheeping them. Put yourself on the first kill of the two, and then have the prot warrior on the 2nd. Just have the mage spell steal.

2. Stun yours (prot warrior stuns his/hers). Have any rogues/dps warriors keep the kill target stun locked. I think Curse of Tongues helps here, but not 100% on that.

3. Use fire aura / fire resist totems

4. When yours is down, hop on the second and put on good ole Seal of Justice (yep lol, you read that right).

5. If you have a shadow priest or a spare priest, you can MC one of them if you like, though I find it better just to burn them down.
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Postby Fridmarr » Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:06 am

Yes, Curse of Tongues is very useful on those flame casters.
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Postby Seloei » Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:58 pm

no, you are not undergeared. We got our first bear with the whole raid (except me and a healer) having only t4/kara/za/badge loot and we used 3 healers. (had only 1minute left on the clock tho)

As for DH trash, ask a hunter to dps the cross while keeping "Arcane Shot" ready and then when he gets the buff, dispel it then the prot warrior can solo handle the interupts. If that isn't enough ask the rogue to interupt the cross while dps burns the skull (HoJ at about ~80% makes him die with a max of 1 nova out).
We used to try to MC, but since it broke quite often and then the Spriest/holy priest died we don't use it. Chain sheeping isn't needed but it helps, altho your consec will break it no matter what.

Oh err... let the prot warrior charge the scout in groups and you run in and drop a consecrate for the other 3-4 elites there. Unless the ranged dps is sleeping you will not have to worry about reinfos.
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