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Postby Korendil » Thu May 29, 2008 1:52 pm

Catriona wrote:Nightfall got hella nerfed though. Our prot pally has been keeping tabs on procs after they nerfed it, and he's almost given up on it.

I use Annihilator now. I can usually get a proc after 30 seconds or so and get it up to three stacks sometimes. I don't know how great 200-600 armor penetration is, but a debuff is a debuff, and it lasts for 45 seconds.
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Postby Stilgarr » Fri May 30, 2008 1:05 am

Well the axe got dished out to some dps warrior yesterday so easier for me to pick healy kit up atm.

Might make both eng helms and pick up all 3 sets and use whichever the raid needs a bigger hand on.

Fair point on warrior prot dps being way above prot pally dps. Suppose it makes up for the complete lack of healing a warrior can do though. Would be amusing to have the MT run about and bandage people though ;)
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Postby Seloei » Fri May 30, 2008 2:28 am

Armor reduction is quite good.
Taking teron as the example

Teron Gorefiend: 6200 Armor

ArmorMitigation = Armor/(Armor+11960)

Curse of Recklesness 800
Sunder Armorx5 2600
Faerie Fire 610

6200-800-2600-610 = 2190 armor (usual raid debuffs stacked up)
with that amount of armor the armor mitigation is 15.47%

single stack 1990 armor : 14.2%, which is a 1.2% more dps per non-magic
double stack 1790 armor : 13%, which is a 2.4% more dps per non-magic
triple stack 1590 armor : 11.7%, which is a 3.7% more dps per non-magic

Assuming the rogue has 1k armor penetration
590 armor : 4.7%

executioner procs, 840 armor off : 0 armor

Armor penetration is a very big melee/hunter dps booster, 3 stacks up on the boss equals atleast 3.7% more melee dps, if they have 0 armor pene. If they have more than that, it's a lot bigger boost. Not as high as nightfall's proc added but atleast it's something.
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Postby Shirak » Fri May 30, 2008 7:46 am

As much as I groan, I can OH 10x better than dps. I have 1840 bonus healing unbuffed. On many fights I out heal some of our full spec healers.

Sometimes I'm selected to heal one of the main tanks.

If you are going to be stuck healing, get flask of major restoration and brilliant mana oil. 37 mana per 5 while casting boost will go miles for keeping your mana up. Eat some fishsticks and watch them go. I pretty much spam FoL.

I went holy one night for SSC. My holy FoL crit was about 300 higher than my prot crit on FoL. so yeah, it does make a difference, but if you are geared out decently, you can help alot more healing than in a DPS role.

... I hope my RL doesn't read this, I'll never get to tank again :cry:
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