Hydross-- Uncrittable or resist cap?

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Hydross-- Uncrittable or resist cap?

Postby Galrond » Wed May 21, 2008 1:18 am

I've been assigned as the frost tank on Hydross, and I'm trying to figure out what gear setup I'd be best off with.

Currently I have 310 spelldamage unbuffed, 330 frost resistance, 13147 HP and 462 def/15 resil in my frost gear. When I tanked hydross tonight I had a total of 353 FR (after flask and food buff), 462 def and 0 resil (missing resil to chest/FR to helm/nethercleft leg armor).

Since paladins can't block on this fight, I feel that I need to squeeze all the threat out of consecration and righteousness that I can get. To do this, I don't want to be forced to use a resist or survival flask or food.

WWS reports that I took 1 crit for 7652 in 4 attempts, and I don't feel like that crit spiked me to death by any means (the wipes were due to other people not listening). My question is--would it be more productive for me to sacrifice some FR for resilience/def or focus on getting uncrittable? I feel that I need to do one or the other in order use the consumables I need to maximize my threat.

Should I drop resist for resil so I get a more steady incoming stream of mana? It seems to me that staying crittable could be riskier in that I have less innate mana regen, and spikier damage.

Should I even go all-out on spelldamage and get a lamellar pvp set for the sake of threat gen as well? I know I at least want one of the shields (i would go get the s2 shield, but that would take weeks of abhorrent arena matches and we're learning hydross now. Pretty much the s1 shields are the best short-term solution for me).
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Postby Seloei » Wed May 21, 2008 2:57 am

Get resist cap, get stamina. gratz on kill :P

You can bother with resilience, (15 on chest, UB trinket, gems and s1/2 gavel) and you can have crit immune also. The 3. box ring from ZA is golden for it, as are other pieces. the cloak from normal mode kael is good also since it has a ton of stamina/resilience(+5/7 resistance on it)

But for my res sets, i used to go for -> resistance cap -> stamina -> squeeze in some resilience.
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