Kara spec and gear check

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Kara spec and gear check

Postby kon » Thu Aug 02, 2007 9:44 pm

Hey all, so im about to hit karazhan as mt with my new guild to do some gearing up

First I’d like some feedback whether im ready in terms of gear, anything drasticly missing? imo as good as it gets pre kara/raid minus 2-3 items

http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com/chara ... Rottenroti

Now for my spec 0/48/13


Pretty standard except as you can see ive sacrificed BoK it for SoC, running around solo smacking mobs with DT/SoC and having reckoning proc off its gawd mode and for fights like shade can provide a lil more oomph

am i gimping myself for not having BoK? I figure most of the holydins in the guild have BoK anyways so other than running 5mans I wont be missing this blessing during raids

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Postby Atreidies » Thu Aug 02, 2007 11:06 pm

You're right in that if there's another paladin in the raid with BoK you're safe, but if they aren't there, I can't say that Sanctuary really fills it's shoes.

As for you gear it looks great other than a couple items as you said. You're about 3.66% away from uncrushable w/ MotW meaning Prince/Nightbane are probably not fights you should be attempting to MT yet. That cloak really needs to go even if it's for something like Ironscale War Cloak which would give you a big boost towards uncrushability until you can obtain a Devilshark Cape. Your rings aren't bad but I would try and upgrade the Ring of the Silver Hand to a Elementium Band of the Sentry and possibly your other ring to a Dath'remar's if you're so inclined until you get the kara rep ring. The neck as well could stand to be changed in favor of Strength of the Untamed.

All in all though you're off to a good start.
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