Anyone CC in HMGT?

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Anyone CC in HMGT?

Postby Averroes » Mon May 12, 2008 3:36 am

I dunno I do guild runs with guildies in T6 and for some odd reason when I aoe tank I take so much dmg and im barely alive I spend more time cleansing myself then consec and holy shield lol
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Postby iedo627 » Mon May 12, 2008 3:45 am

HMGT is one of the only instances I need to have CC, since poison injects, and the fire dots totally own over time. Also there are too many casters and knock downs from mage guards that make it hard for healers to keep me up (even holy pallies). I usually bring 2 cc's at the minimum, any less and its a wipefest (it's still doable but it sucks hardcore)
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Postby Holyfuri » Mon May 12, 2008 4:29 am

I have aoe tanked heroic MgT, it is truly just a horrible pain to do. The healer and myself end up both spamming cleanse lol. I really don't run it anymore because I hate it because of that (I love my aoe). To be safe and comfortable though I would bring along some cc though =(
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Postby Janduin » Mon May 12, 2008 5:03 am

It's not that bad if you LOS everything. If your DPS is a little low you can have a mage sheep the mage guard around the corner so it isn't in consecrate and won't glaive your usual strat is just to LOS them all around corner, consecrate, and hit that mage guard over the head with a HoJ backed by an Arcane Torrent. The dps is told to focus fire the mage guard before AOEing the rest down. It's almost always dead by the time it gets un-silenced. If there is an Ethereum Smuggler and no mage guard he gets the HoJ treatment instead, if there are both I save Arcane Torrent to interrupt the Smuggler's arcane explosions.

-Use Arcane Torrent every pull if you are a belf (cuts down on incoming damage significantly, stops heals, etc.), and HoJ
-Fire Resistance aura is your friend

I spam cleanse on myself a lot too, the Immolate sucks. The other debuffs don't seem to do much though. The damage input is still large but manageable even with kara/badge healers. It does require good dps though.

Bringing CC to this instance is good. Third boss very hard without it, and some pulls a single sheep makes a big difference. But if I had to kill every pull one mob at a time I'd go insane.
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Postby sweeney » Mon May 12, 2008 6:07 am

Chain-cleansing yourself is hax in MgT. Immolate + Holy Fire + Poison is like 3-4k a tick if they're all stacked up, and you can get rid of all those yourself for a pittance of mana and a GCD. I figure the healer needs those GCDs for healing me more than I need them for threat, and it's not like we have enough abilities to fill every GCD in a cycle anyway.

The trash packs are set up so that there's typically one mob in them that does his best to ruin your day. Then about halfway through, you start getting two of those. Typically one CC is sufficient, the other nasty guy just gets burned down fast.

Mage Guards AOE stun -- if you've properly pointed them into a corner, you're not avoiding any hits for a short while. If you haven't, you're probably not getting heals for a few seconds. Neither of those is really a good thing when you've got a full pack beating on you.

Magisters ramp up their damage fairly quickly -- a mage to spellsteal turns the tables, but at that point you've got a sheep available anyway.

Ethereals blink around and beat on your healer, which is just annoying.

Succubus seduction is a quick wipe if it happens early, since everyone ignores your consecrate while you're on their side. They die pretty quickly, though, so unless a lock wants a toy I just have them killed first.

It's just not really worth doing the place with zero CC unless you want to be annoyed. It goes smoother and faster with at least one.

I'll have our hunter freezing trap a healer on large pulls sometimes too, just for convenience. I find it a lot more convenient than the dance I have to do with mages -- make sure shield hits his mob, drop consecrate *behind* the mage since maybe 50% of mages seem to be too slow to poly a dazed mob before it walks 20 yards, wait to LOS till I see poly's up so the mage doesn't get focused and exploded by the other casters, yadda yadda. With a good hunter, they yank the mob off you whether shield hit their target or not, after you're in tanking position, and then they bring it back to you in a bit. Probably a factor of being married to a hunter, sure, but I just find their CC extremely convenient in contrast to poly where I spend half my time making sure the mage doesn't get himself killed while sheeping. :)
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Postby Mordinm » Mon May 12, 2008 8:10 am

Bring just one good rogue. Have him shiv mind numbing poison on the warlock and the frost mage then get on the mage and keep him from casting so his buff does not stack. This and cleansing yourself will cut the damage you take by 60 to 70%. The melee damage in MgT is laughable, its always the magic that kills you. Find dps smart enough to stop the magic damage and you win with ease. Or just bring 3 CC classes.
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Postby Snake-Aes » Mon May 12, 2008 8:14 am

I always try to either get rid of the healers first, and cc the mage guard, or kill the mage guard and lock down the healers, warlocks and magisters and whatever else have a better order of killing but cc is hardly necessary.
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Postby shifttusk » Mon May 12, 2008 9:27 am

All I find is liking just 2 good dps and a rogue. Sap a magister or mage guard depending on the pull then using HOJ and kidney shot stunlock the remaining mage guard or etherial ae spammer untill they die. I generaly do not judge every CD in these pulls since I am clense/HS/consecrate spamming. Make sure you get off the poison and the imolate those tick for the most I think.

And yes fire resistance aura is hax in here.Belf silence and HoJ rock too.
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Postby arilink » Mon May 12, 2008 9:36 am

A good working priority list for killing stuff might be:
1. Summoned Imp
-> Will be 2s casting 1k Firebolts but can be dispatched with 1-2 spells/hits.
2. Sunblade Blood Knight
-> Will be healing 20k+ with Holy Light, occasionally meleeing with Seal of Wrath (~1,300 additional Holy damage per hit), Judging results in a dispellable Holy damage DoT dealing ~1,300 Holy Damage per 3s and lasts ~9s.
3. Sunblade Physician
-> Will occasionally coat his weapon with Poison which results in a Poison debuff on the next hit dealing ~1.300 Poison damage per 3s, lasts ~15s. Casts Prayer of Mending which would be healing 5k x 5. Hammer of Justice at 30-40% and he won't get of a single spell.
4. Sunblade Mage Guard
-> Will throw his Glaive at a random group member (including the tank) dealing ~3k physical damage (on cloth) to target then jump to a next target within 15 yards (Affecting up to 3 targets), knocking them down for 2-3 seconds. This will occur roughly every 20-25 seconds. Spread out! Will also create a Magic Dampening Field at a random party member. Mobs within that sphere will recieve 75% less magical damage and healing. A viable option for a physical only DPS group is to stay in there however as paladin tank you need to get out there fast. Arcane Torrent on the run out of the Magic Dampening Field will make casters follow you most likely.
5. Sunblade Magister
-> Has a non dispellable buff which increases castspeed of subsequent spells by 10% stacking up 20 times. The stacks are dispellable however. Will be casting 2.5s Frostbolts for 2.3k frost damage and a 1s Arcane Nova when multiple targets are within range (10 yards) dealing 1k arcane damage and interrupting spellcasting for *a few* seconds. Keep away from casters especially your healer.
6. Sister of Torment
-> Will be meleeing as well as giving you a Lash of Pain dealing 1.2k shadow damage. Dispel Deadly Embrace on party members via Decursive or similar addons when it occurs as it will be a channeled, randomly targeted ~8s stun which deals 500 shadow damage per second.
7. Ethereum Smuggler
-> Melees a bit higher and sometimes teleport to a random party member starting a quick succession of 3 Arcane Explosions which deal 1k arcane damage each. Could be stunned when this happens but he is not dangerous.
8. Sunblade Warlock
-> Casts Immolate (1.5k DoT) and Incinerate (2.3k Hit).
9. Coilskar Witch
-> The Witch must be facing away from the group, otherwise a Forked Lightning will hit all enemies in a frontal cone for 2.3k nature damage. Can attack on range.

The numbers are far from accuracy as I don't have a MT combat log at the moment.

Enslave Demon -> Sister of Torment (Huge Dps Boost + Let it take out a Mage Guard via Seduce)

Get them drawn around a corner, then just Consecrate, Judge, Holy Shield to minimize incoming melee damage (which will be a low ~300 when blocking).
If you feel save not to pull aggro from nearby groups you can jump into the casters as well. Just keep in mind that Magisters, Warlocks and Witches will be attacking on range most likely.
It is *highly* important to cleanse yourself from Injected Poison, Immolate and Judgement of Wrath!

Urge your Dps to interrupt any spells, especially Holy Light.
Curse of Tongues will be extremely helpful as well on:
1. Sunblade Blood Knight
2. Sunblade Magister
3. Sunblade Warlock

Equip for Max Hp and Spelldamage.
Avoidance is hardly needed. Holy Shield will already block most of the physical damage.
Most incoming damage will be Fire (Warlock, Imp) and Frost (Magister).
I would recommend Fire Resistance Aura.
You can AoE them down, specifically you can have a mage spellsteal Seal of Wrath from a Sunblade Blood Knight for spamming Arcane Explosion with a 1,2k Holy Damage bonus.
Too bad there is no way we can get this Seal ourselves.

My favorite guildie setup is 2 Elemental Shamans, 1 Destro-Lock and a priest.
That is plain overkill with almost no Crowd Control.
However when going with PuGs I would strongly recommend to make use of existing CC as too many vital aspects depend on your brainafk DPS.
CC Priority:
1. Sunblade Mage Guard
2. Sunblade Physician
3. Sunblade Magister
-> This dude mainly because he will be casting Frostbolts within 1 second for 2.3k+ when his buff stacks to 20.

In case you want to have more strats (got too much time at the moment):

Those Wretched mobs just before the first boss are casters or melees who hit for 80 physical or frost.
However they will seemingly random pop a pot, gain a non dispellable buff, start glowing green and increase their damage output to ~1.2k.
Also they have a Wretched aka. Mortal Strike reducing healing by 50%.
You do not want to pull both groups.

So ... Selin Fireheart:
If you are a Leeroy fanboy just like me than make sure everyone stands out of the room with one group remaining and Mana Tap the Boss.
That usually results in a "WTF?!"
The advantage is you will be actually taking damage with that Wretched group coming along so tanking the boss will become much easier.
Usually I am mana starved 50% into the single boss fight.
Downside is that our Fireheart dude will just wallhack and run to his mommy crystal, returning with 100% mana.
I assume you will be ignoring crystals anyhow already.
And do not forget to dispel Drain Mana immediately!

Once this sucker lies to your toes grab the next 5 mana fishies along the way and have them killed.

Next stop will be paradies at least if you got more than 3 fps while pulling the whole room.
Important Note: Move backwards once the first fishies are engaging!
Also keep slowly moving backwards in circles once you got them all or they are going to stab into your back because they are just too many.
As you will probably remember from SH and several other occasions failure to do so will result in death.
The 25% more damage buff from killing them does little for the next encounter. You do not need to rush it.

Upcoming next we got Vexallus:
The single most important aspect of this fight is to have everyone, really everyone, to kill those 2 Pure Energy adds (~40 HP) who spawn every 15% of Vexallus' HP as soon as possible!
Otherwise those Pure Energies will AE for over 2.3k arcane every 5 seconds.
Upon death they will place a stacking debuff on the guy who killed it inflicting 300DPS for 30 seconds but raising damage done by 50%.
And in any cases it is to be preferred to kill these adds regardless if you might be dying to the DoT. Otherwise you will wipe anyway!
The DoT can be removed via Cloak of Shadows, Iceblock, Divine Shield.

Sometimes an add will just die upon spawning giving you the debuff.
I am not sure why this happens as they are AE (Consecration) immune.
However this is highly positive as it will result in 50% more threat so consecration will sufficiently holds aggro and you probably might be able to Judge on more adds.
Just for safety purposes... as your healer will be healing you anyway.
Once Vexallus reaches 10% he will Overload inflicting 1k arcane onto the group plus 100 for every second he is in this overload stage.
If too many adds AE'd your party members and they still are at low health (which is highly possible due to the already incredible high incoming damage in this fight) you may wipe.
He just needs to get nuked fast once there.
Also he will not attack or move anymore so it is perfectly safe to bubble.

Trash: Sunblade Sentinel
Hardly worth mentioning.
You can stun them when that Fel Lightning is cast too frequently.

Short Version: Priestess Delrissa
Heal, HoJ, BoP, AT, Dispell.
CC that Mortal Strike Naga named "Warlord Salaris" by any means.
Kill Priestess Delrissa first.
If possible bring an enslaved Sister of Torment.
More guidance is found here.

Last but not least: Kael'thas Sunstrider:
Tell your Dps to interrupt fireballs.
If possible bring an enslaved Sister of Torment... again.
Pop Wings, wait a second or two, then toss a frisbee, run in, Judge Crusader, Consecrate, Seal of Righteousness.
Once the phoenix spawns Judge him if he is in range and run from him.
This buys your range dps important time.
Pyroblast will be cast at the earliest 1 minute into the fight.
Bubble if that happens.
Forbearance will have expired almost at the same time.
The next Fireball may hit a party member but that does hardly matter when you /cancelaura Divine Shield soon after the Pyro hit.
Shortly thereafter a second Phoenix will spawn.
Hopefully that does not happen or it might cause you trouble.
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Postby Marker » Mon May 12, 2008 11:27 pm

arilink wrote:Sometimes an add will just die upon spawning giving you the debuff.
I am not sure why this happens as they are AE (Consecration) immune.

The adds randomly picks a target when it spawns, so it might have chosen you and gotten killed by some form of reflective damage..

Great walkthrough. I've done it loads of times, but only pugs and mainly been CCing. A few new tips here!

I especially love bringing wellgeared arena players here, since they are normally better at picking all the different small tricks that make the run som much easier (spellstealing, counterspelling etc etc)
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Postby kensanity » Tue May 13, 2008 2:51 am

can u bring a sister of torment with you to fight kael? i thought bringing one causes u to respawn the adds in that room or something like that. idk. just double checking cuz for some reason i feel like i had a bad experience with having an enslaved add fight on a boss.
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Postby blessyou » Tue May 13, 2008 4:14 am

Maybe I'm missing something, but why bring an enslaved sister of torment? Just curious
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Postby Catriona » Tue May 13, 2008 4:42 am

blessyou wrote:Maybe I'm missing something, but why bring an enslaved sister of torment? Just curious

I would assume that the phoenix could choose it as a target instead of your healer? :D

Plus they do free damage and have more health than a traditional succy.
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Postby arilink » Tue May 13, 2008 8:01 am

That sweety is brought just for a plain dps boost on Kael while Ranged DPS will focus the add.
It may happen as well that while you are probably kiting the Phoenix the Succu will draw aggro. But I like it when problems solve themselves ^^
This strategy is a bit risky I have to admit as a wipe will lead to a respawn of the group right before Kael'Thas.
So just try it if you are very confident in killing Kael.
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Postby Snake-Aes » Tue May 13, 2008 10:09 am

Catriona wrote:
blessyou wrote:Maybe I'm missing something, but why bring an enslaved sister of torment? Just curious

I would assume that the phoenix could choose it as a target instead of your healer? :D

Plus they do free damage and have more health than a traditional succy.
It's TRUE free damage for demonology warlocks: They can DS their pet and enslave one without losing the DS buff(demonic sacrifice is canceled when you summon a pet,but not when you enslave)

And yes, enslaved sisters of torment are hax on Kael. Free 500 dps I think, which is mandatory if the group is poor on dps. She invariably dies if she's still enslaved by the end of the figth(dot doesn't expire)
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