[H] Paladin, currently PVP server, seeking guild to tank in.

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[H] Paladin, currently PVP server, seeking guild to tank in.

Postby Thacan » Sat May 10, 2008 2:29 pm


I'm a protection paladin in probably most of the best available T5 gear, uncrushable with about 55% pure avoidance and unbuffed 16k health. I've tanked 4/6 SSC and 1/4 TK.

I led a guild and raid-led in the same guild, so I know firsthand how frustrating it is to have people who don't perform and continually repeat mistakes. I'm the type of player who gets what needs to be done, done.

I'd prefer a guild that wants a tank. I dumped thousands of gold into being the best I possibly could, so to hear "well you can tank trash on X gimmick fight, but then you gotta put healing gear on!" is slightly depressing. Nonetheless, I do have ungemmed/unenchanted T4-quality heal gear that I could shape up fairly quickly.

I'm in the midst of actually deciding which character is going to be my main (I have a well geared Alliance priest on another server, and my warlock is up and coming fast with mats for a boatload of good crafted gear banked) and as such, I'm not sure of what kind of time I'm pushing for. Maybe full-time raiding, or maybe I'll just be the heroic-tank that helps out your alts after you're done farming instance Z.

Hit me up with a response or a PM if you're interested.

quick stats for your perusal:
17.3k armor
518 defense
24.7 dodge
17.73 parry
16.92 block
16k unbuffed health
374 unbuffed spell damage.

(This is my generic tank gear. I often switch gear around for stamina/avoidance/threat.)

Anyway, happy trails.
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Postby Babineaux » Sat May 17, 2008 9:17 am

Did you find yourself a guild already?
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